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Earth based organisms probiotics? by corncob ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   4/11/2014 5:57:11 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Has anyone tried these?

Apperently they are different than dairy/rice probiotics... There are studies (i forgot) saying how our ancesters had a lot of these rare and common bacteria in their guts helping maintain youthful health and longevity, through the actions of digestion, assimilation of nutrients, the list goes on. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. A lot of us lost touch with mother nature and earth. I think we over wash everything and live in a sterilized environment devoid of life. I think we have become too afraid of bacteria and parasites in a fear driven world run by evil food cooperatives and lobyists.

They can be more expensive though but generally speaking if you were to attain these organism it would be by minimally washing produce, getting your hands dirty with soil (gardening) and even consuming 'special' dirt. (yes people do that and no its not always a case of PICA) the amazing thing is, a lot of us can get in touch with our insticts and know whats good and bad for us. A lot of people travel far to collect dirt or clay (in this case montmorillonite, Kaolinite etc. and consume it little bit by little. And this also gives a lot of minerals and other rare vitamins, nutrients, bacteria that you simply cannot find at a grocery store.

As i am studying more and more about the gut i am starting to realize that optimal health cannot be achieved without the right environment, because litterally everything affects it! From the air we breath, to the food we consume, the kind of water we take in has everything to do with the starting principles of our health. The Gut! Isn't that amazing?? We are what we eat yes, but what about the things that we dont eat? or the vital things that our ancesters did to remain healthy and happy have been lost and forgotten?

I think its time we dig deeper into the issue and find out exactly whats missing in us that many of us today simply are not aware of.

Anyways sorry im going off track as im trying to put this all together. I'll keep you guys posted down the line.

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