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Date:   4/30/2014 9:36:36 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Asuspowers, you quoted ICU there, not Sol.
Nobody knows what the hell Morgs is yet. Good luck finding a cure, most sufferers just find ways to manage the condition - a small minority become 100% symptom free.

If your symptoms are wormy, you will probably get a lot of relief from following ICU's protocols that include anthelmitics. Scabdraggr promotes a comparable equine med protocol that you can pick up at the feed store. Pick your poison, both protocols utilize the -azole drugs - which work great for me but are tough on the liver.

If your symptoms are "limey" including arthritis, you may get relief from Antibiotics . This isn't the case for me, since I only experienced the "limey" symptoms for a couple of weeks when Morgs were horrible. Antibiotic courses do zilch for me now.

Clean your house, car, office, and sheets often. Wear clothes only once and then launder with Borax and Dr Bronners added. Bathe in Epsom Salts /Borax 1-2x daily. Exercise no matter how hard it is to motivate. My only supplements are: Natural Calm Mg supplement, NAC Sustain, Milk Thistle, and Emergen-C. Eat like a hippie, and avoid Sugar and bread. Coffee and weed are real bad for symptoms too, but damned if I'm giving those up!

I've licked 80% of the symptoms this way over the past 3 years, and life isn't bad at all. I'm 40 and it seems most my age have some health issue "cross to bear", and mine is Morgs.

When dealing with health professionals, I call Morgellons "Morgellons", and if the expert hasn't heard of it then they educate themselves on it. Some I've worked with (Ayurveda Doc and Dermatologist) have had multiple Morg patients before me. They don't seem to question my sanity, but I've had better luck with the treatments I've found in the forums than those they suggested. I employ a doc mainly to keep an eye on my liver and kidneys through this.


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