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Fecal transplant from a centenarian by corncob ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   5/14/2014 3:51:20 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I've been thinking about it. Would that not only help a lot of people here cure their FBO-BO from Soy induced BO, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance but to more dramatic and possible reversal of missing/defect enzymes and or bacteria found in patients with metabolic disorders? (one example: TMAU) Or People with Autoimmune disorders like Celiac and other severe allergies to food?

Since centenarians are known for living well above 100 years of age and they could eat everything and digest so well the foods we would never imagine eating on a daily basis if we were to stay healthy. Either Aajonus was right in saying those people are revolutionary human hybrids, capable of living disease free throughout there life eating the conventional foods. (notice that i didn't add "unhealthy conventional foods or SAD diet, because to them it's ACTUALLY healthy or it seems to be.) or i believe there genes have adapted throughout the process of human evolution.

I understand a lot of the variables that give a centenarian's life expectancy is their DNA, their cells are of that different than normal people. Gut microbes surely have a role since we are learning more from them and what they do for the whole body is remarkable. Here's a study done in China on chinese centenarians "They had discovered that 53-87 percent of the bacteria population in the gut of the centenarians consists of Bifidobacteria. For normal healthy Chinese the figure is forty percent." Thats a huge difference! i imagine those who have gut dysbiosis the numbers must be even lower!

Thats only one group of bacteria studied imagine all the others that have been dismissed as being non important (but probably is the important factor in really determining a link between rare bacteria living in the gut producing logevity chromosomes found in these centenarians. So the question is are certain bacteria/gut micorbes are able to lengthen our DNA making more telomeres thus extending life? i believe so, Heres a fascinating and comprehensive study on centenarian of different ages and there gut:

Theres a lot to read so if you want to skip to page 41 for the results.

So by conculusion this could be one big step to longevity and possibly reversing metabolic/autoimmune conditions.


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