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Re: ASI test - what supplements should I avoid by wiredgeneration ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   5/16/2014 2:41:54 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Its tough with anti depressants, it depends on many factors such as

state of health before the chemical
reason for using the chemical
length of time on the chemical
have you used similar substances before and withdrawn?

Some people, normally first timers on pills of that nature, for short usage periods, can come off them quickly and be completely fine, but I see and hear stories of those who have had multiple withdrawals meaning each time they withdraw from another drug, it gets more and more brutal.

I also see more and more that those with CFS/AF who went on them to eliviate symptoms like anxiety etc suffer when the withdrawal is too fast.

Looking at your history on here, id probably be looking at a 2.5mg reduction every three months and to take a year to complete to be the safest. You were on Remeron at one point as well? this was the drug that messed me up big time, its what took me from Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome to a manic mind and hyper anxiety. Its an SNRI and hits so many receptors its like a train crash waiting to happen. Are you still on it with the Lex? Id do the Lex first because at least theRemeron will get you to sleep

But go at your own pace, reduce 2.5mg, hold for a month and see how the symptoms are - if there are none, after a month, its safe to step down again, if you are suffering , wait till you stabilise on that dose, and are stable for a while before reducing again.

Whatever you do, do you cold turkey nor do any rapid detox'es to 'rid yourself of the chemical - the easy way to immense suffering and torture!

Have a read on and for safe withdrawal schedules.

and if your tolerating the C , then thats great, you may want to increase it when coming off the Lex to help keep your stabilised

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