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Re: was just Diagnosed as being HIV POS, is Colloidal silver the cure? by aifam55 ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   6/24/2014 3:09:08 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I would put it stronger that. Hiv disinformation specialists, especially those in business, should be injected with hiv in their bloodstream and used as test subjects for the garbage they espouse.
I found out the Beck zapper and full protocol does nothing for hiv at all. It's pretty good for some things, but Beck knowingly lied and exaggerated the power of his "zapper" & 4 part protocol.
I have been reading Hulda Clark 's hiv/aids book. What I never saw posted anywhere on this curezone site is that Hulda Clark recommended zapping 8 to 10 hours a day for hiv, along with many other things. I did zap well over 8 hours a day with the Beck zapper and did the full protocol for years and it did NOTHING for hiv.
Hulda Clark 's book shows real actual blood tests on real people with hiv, something Beck had never shown except when he called up someone in the audience at one of his "dog and pony" shows.
Anyone that needs more convincing on Beck needs to see the following:
The Bob Beck Protocol Part 5 of 11 Aids HIV Cure
At 20 seconds Bob Beck says Dr. Royal Rife did not cure anything unless the patient actually contacted the electrical current. Beck says Rife machines don't work.

The Bob Beck Protocol Part 9 of 11 Aids HIV Cure
At 5 mins and 46 secs he says he has to go cure some people in the CIA who contracted Aids and the methods he outlined are the only cure. He can't say where he was going to do this. He also says the government is curing CIA agents with aids in secret and the cure Bob Beck outlined is the only thing that works.
John Bedini also called out Beck as a CIA disinfo. Beck was out getting all the Rife machines to destroy them.

Here's some more correspondence I got from someone familiar with Bob Beck:
"Bob Beck never found a real Lakhovsky unit as claimed, it was all BS. He used Dr L.O. "Andy" Anderson as his reference. I tried to get straight info out of Bob for years and he was very crafty in his avoidance of what should have been a straight answer. Andy was always uncomfortable when I asked him. I finally got Andy sitting with me late one night at a Vortexian Water conference I sponsored in LA circa 1989 and pushed the point. He finally smiled and said "don't believe all of Bob Beck's fairy tales." And that's what it was, a fairy tale with zero evidence to back it up and much technical data indicating an intentional divergence from Lakhovsky's real work.

At one point years later Ed Skilling sent me an article on Rife to be run in the Borderlands Journal which, to be polite, was total nonsense. Ed was calling me, lobbying me to run it. I refused as I knew it wasn't true and was an intentional distortion of Rife's real work. Beck then called me and tried to get me to run it, saying it would help people and I should trust him. Naturally I refused. Bob never spoke to me again, and Skilling sent me back some equipment (an original John Crane square wave generator) I lent him for analysis returned smashed and broken.

Great guys, go ahead and fall for anything else they claimed!!! Beck had deep intel connections, testified against Ruth Drown at her trial, and from my perspective at the coal face he was a professional disinfo agent who made money doing a dog-and-pony show with Skilling for over a quarter of a century. Maybe some of the equipment worked, placebo effects are real and he copied works from others which he claimed as his.

But the bottom line is that Lakhovsky's real work was lost for decades by misdirection thanks to these deceptive fellows."


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