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Digestive issues! Any help appreciated by #186748 ..... Digestion Forum

Date:   7/7/2014 12:04:21 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi. Im new here so I hope im posting this correctly. In the past month or 2 I've had some, what seem to be digestive issues. A little background in me: 39yrs old in the middle of an incredibly messy divorce Quit my old job for a new one 2 months ago. 5 feet tall, 100 lbs pretty healthy diet, occasional splurges Used to be a runner pre divorce mess (6 months ago) Occasional smoker(0-5 a day) stress smoker currently taking multi vitamin, b complex, fish oil, iron, probiotic drink alcohol rarely Symptoms: Started w insomnia-can fall asleep but can't stay asleep no real pain just uncomfortability, gas and bloating constipation regardless of fiber intake, helped slightly by salt or acv enemas poops are hard and mucusy or poop is normal but food looks undigested then developed what seemed to be heartburn that was not helped by antacids Tried Betaine hcl w Pepsi in case it was low acid- no help random hiccups usually in morning or just before bed trapped gas esp on upper right side look bloated like im 3 months pregnant- gets worse after I eat so by evening im distended amenorrhea for 2 months, not pregnant, not on any birth control or hormones stress levels have gotten worse through this whole thing Currently doing acupuncture w a friend 2 times a week. Helps somewhat emotionally and sometimes digestion improves but seems to return I do not have insurance right now and won't until November. Im willing to save up to go to a doctor but which kind first? What does this sound like to you and is there anything I can try to help it in the meantime? Any help is appreciated!

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