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Where do you draw the line??? Regarding pets vs kids. by username7414 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/27/2014 9:23:14 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Where does one draw the line regarding pets, parasite infections and not being able to do everything possible to get your kids cured because the pets interfere? Am I unreasonable to suggest that curing your kids of parasites should take priority over pets??
My girls dad.. he's not my husband so I won't call him that... he's a guy I'm stuck with because we have kids together... he is one of those people that don't get along with other people so he has animals. They are easy to control and don't fight back. Hes borderline animal hoarder, but very clean with the pets and he treats them better than the kids. But anyway... he has a cat and 3 chinchillas, just spent over $800 at the vet to get them tested and a precautionary dose of anti parasite meds, bit won't let me spend $40 on a uvc sanitizing light wand.. go figure. I can not use bleach without him bitching it may harm the pets,can't use borax, clove oil... any of the natural herbal oils that are supposed to help kill ova on surfaces of the house. It tjrns into a screaming match when I spray clorox in the bathroom because this f***ing cat will only drink from the bathroom sink and i have to clorox it every time he steps on it because his feet are in a litter box for godssakes. I was just preparing my 5 year olds stool sample to drop off at the lab tomorrow.. I was so confident and optimistic because their pinworms seem to be gone now... but i just picked 2 bigger roundworm looking worms that looked like what I was passing... the onea that those here think are ascaris. Thos is a tiny 5 year old who hasn't done anything to deserve such a hard type of parasite to get rid of.. I have 2 teenagers who absolutely refuse to believe or accept they could be infected and continue to go out with friends spreading it around or they could even be a source of the infection because the friends have dogs and cats. I want to get an ozone machine because i really believe that by shock treating the house with all its contents that we use every day - bedding - clothing etc. Running an ozone machine would completely obliterate any possible ova, germ, microorganism etc. And we would be basically be coming home to a completely sterile environment. However, ozone is toxic to breathe, so animals would have to be removed for the day. This is completely unacceptable to him... he will not discomfort his pets for one day to help get his children well. He could take them to his mom or dad's or anywhere for ONE DAY so I can help my kids.. but the suggestion caused a screaming match and he threatened to leave for the 20th time lile he did with the clorox, borax, clove oil etc. I said GO then... bye! So now he's gonna cause a huge legal shot storm regarding the house and the kids... which the house is actually MINE... but thats a different story.. I'm so mad I'm rambling away from the point im trying to make.... i get it that people get attached to pets but jesus Christ, your kids are humans and have worms inside them that are bigger than their fingers and i am sooo sick of steam mopping every inch of a house that has 3 huge downstairs rooms, 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. Im sick of having to clorox everything and boil wash cloths and underwear. I could plug this machine in, set the timer, take the kids to the park for 2 hours and come back to a totally sanitized house once or twice a week. But god forbid if the pets should have to be inconvenienced. Am I being unreasonable here? Seriously? I said f*** you and bought the ozkne machine and the uvc sanitizing light (theres no way you can pass the wand over the whole house - it eeds to be on the surface for 45 seconds to kill ova, so its more for computer keyboards, toilet, door knobs etc.) But what would everyone else do? Where do your pets rank on your list of priorities? If you had 4 kids possibly infected and an innocent 5 year old with possible Ascaris and pinworms that could possibly come back? Would you risk their health for your pets?
I just cant do it anymore with the constant washing of the bedding and towels and steaming everything that gets touched or walked on. Constant hand washing and computer keys and tablets and nintendo ds sanitizing and going through a 12 pack of paper towels every 2 days. OMFG and the kids will not stop touching the damn walls!!! I steam and wipe them... then no sooner are they walking down the hall picking a wedgie and running their hands on the walls. Ughhhh.. I just can't do this anymore.

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