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An Extensive List of Halides & Heavy Metal Detoxifiers/Chelators by jasmine3afash ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   8/21/2014 9:20:45 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I have been researching the detoxification of heavy metals, fluoride & other halides for years and thought I would share this list here, and I hope that people will find it very helpful. Many of these have a very similar or even more powerful effect than Iodine and when taken along with Iodine can be truly life-changing and open the doors to profound spiritual growth. I think that Iodine by itself will not really offer the full potential of spiritual growth and the peak levels of energy that members of this forum seek. I have taken every single thing on this list, usually simultaneously, and had fantastic results and I'm still seeing improvements as I keep taking them. I spend most of my income on detoxification and I took a break from work and everything in my life just to dedicate myself to my health, and it has been a truly rewarding experience. I would love to hear your feedback. I am ranking this list in order of what's most effective and had the most impact on my recovery. I tried to limit the list to only natural or non-pharmaceutical supplements and herbs. This is just based on my opinion and experience. This information may be new to most members here and I expect that many people will disagree with some things on the list and that's fine. I have done my research and tried every single one of these for long enough to know that they work very well. I would like to hear your opinions. I also listed the brands that have the most potent and highest quality products. I don't think cutting corners when it comes to this stuff really pays off in the long-term.

1- liposomal glutathione (GSH) by quicksilver scientific or livon labs. Most people have very low levels of glutathione and that's why sometimes taking iodine can be problematic for some people. The glutathione is crucial to get the toxins all the way out of the body. Natural glutathione from foods like garlic and onion is not enough from my experience.
2- High-dose Nascent iodine. 100mg+ a day. This is expensive, but I found that other products like Lugols don't even compare to nascent.
3- liposomal R-ALA (R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) by livon labs
4- NAC by Metabolic Maintenance (the only NAC product with absolutely no fillers)
5- Liposomal EDTA by quicksilver scientific.
6- Plant-based MSM by omica or sunfood
7- liposomal B-Complex by Livon Labs
8- liposomal vitamin c & natural food-state vitamin c (both) by livon labs and megafood or healthforce
9- organic germanium by jarrow
9- shilajit by Omica for the Humic & fulvic acids
10- Liquid and powdered zeolite by omica (both)
11 - silica: either vegetal silica by flora, or orgono silica, or both
12- magnesium oil by omica, ancient minerals, or sunfood. taken internally and transdermally. This is the only purely natural and best form of magnesium one can find.
13 - l-methionine by nutricology
13- liquid oxygen by cellfood
14 - selenium from raw sprouted brazil nuts or brazil nut butter, raw garlic and kelp
15 - vitamin e from sesame oil, hazelnut butter, brazil nut butter and olive oil.
16- natural Zinc. The best source by far is the polyrachis ant by Dragon Herbs
17 - natural b12, also from polyrachis ants by dragon herbs. The B-Complex by Livon labs is another great source but it's synthetic and not from food.
19- MCP - modified citrus pectin
20 - cilantro
21 - chlorella pyrenoidosa by Earth Circle organics
22 - niacin (vitamin b3) in medium-high dosages but only in advanced stages
23 - l-Carnosine
24 - Taurine
23 - kelp powder or kelp soups
24 - garlic oil
25 - Bentonite Clay. Edible Clay by Magnetic Clay is the best I found
26 - fulvic acid by omica, humic acid by morningstar minerals, although shilajit by itself maybe enough.
27 - Apple cider vinegar. Helps in detoxifying aluminum along with silica.
28 - probiotics - A potent supplement like CP-1 11-strain or mercola or healthforce, along with lots kefirs and sauerkrauts
29 - large amounts of sulfur-rich foods: egg yolks, onions, garlic, and ginger. I was eating up to 60 cloves of garlic a day and saw nothing but improvements the more I ate. That is how I also got rid of a huge cancerous tumor on my butt in less than 72 hours a few months ago.
31 - liquid molybdenum
32- ZERO-Sugar diet if you're really serious about detoxifying all the way through. No fruit, honey, starch or anything sweet. Sugar compromises the immune system, depletes glutathione in the body, and lowers levels of sex hormones. It also can slow down the detoxification process or even shut it down completely.

Other foods, supplements and herbs that will support the detoxification process

1- Quintessential 3.3 The BEST natural mineral supplement. As the body detoxifies heavy metals it loses a great deal of minerals and it's crucial to constantly replace these minerals. Taking 1 - 4 vials of the quintessential 3.3 is a great way to replace lost minerals
2- egg yolks (frozen to kill any bacteria, then eaten raw. cooking from my experience renders all the nutrition in the yolks useless.) I have eaten as many as 30 yolks a day and saw nothing but benefits the more I ate. I only did that though with extremely high quality eggs, organic and free-range from a clean remote source, never ate the whites.
3- ormus supergreens by sunwarrior. cleanest greens supplement on the market. much better and cleaner than eating and juicing vegetables.
4 - high quality amino acids from natural protein sources: spirulina, AFA blue-green algae, wild quinoa, wild rice, buckwheat, etc.
5- dmg by davinci labs
7- NAG
8- kyolic aged garlic extract
9- ALC Acetyl-l-carnitine
10 - raw schisandra berries from dragon herbs or mountain rose herbs
11 - systemic enzymes like nattokinsae and serrapeptase, and repair gold by enzymedica
12 - organic broccoli
13- broccoli sprouts.
14- milk thistle by eclectic institute
15 - Omega-3 in large amounts, from algae oil or whatever source you prefer as long as it's highly purified
16 - Ubiquinol coq10
17- sam-e by cellfood
18- local organic royal jelly to protect the brain
19 - marine phytoplankton to protect the brain
21- artichoke
22- salt water flush or coffee enemas. I had better results with the salt water flush.
23 - healthy fats from coconut oil, ghee, raw butter, red palm oil, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, sprouted nut butters, algae oil and fish oil
24 - natural vitamin d3 from lichen

That's all I could think of for now. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with detoxifying fluoride, halides and heavy metals, and also candida, parasites, and excess estrogen.

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