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Re: Rename the 'AF' support forum to Starvation Fatigue by Stalactite ..... Webmaster Debate & Suggestions

Date:   10/26/2014 7:30:40 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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So what you're saying is because a kid doesn't measure their calories (if you read my previous posts, you'll know I started noticing the symptoms when I was very little), then I must not have been getting enough calories. I'm guessing you're assuming I was able to get away with not eating enough (my parents and grandparents were strict about everything, including eating all the food on the plate). Or youíre assuming they werenít giving me enough to eat. If that is the assumption youíre making, you'll also have to assume my body wasn't sending the right signals and told me I was full when I wasn't. I'm not sure why you're so adamant on turning my story into a calorie restriction case; do you really believe what you say or is it just you don't want to lose an argument? If it is the former, a simple calculation (since you seem to like numbers) the probability of all those happening at once (as well as the probability that everyone on the Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue forum was and is still starving), youíll discover the likelihood is close to zero. Of course they'll always be a couple of people like you and Faith, but it is foolish to believe that every single person went through what you had gone through.

And just so you're more informed, there are many things that could cause hypothyroidism:

To say that undereating is the only possible thing that could cause hypothyroidism betrays your lack of research into the matter.

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