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Re: You Criticize those who Disagree with you by EasyDozIt ..... Paleo Diet Debate Forum

Date:   11/29/2014 5:55:58 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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What I said

"There are suppliments sold from EVERY type of field in regards to diet.  Its not mostly paleo... if anything its mostly vegan suppliments.  Go to your local healthfood store and what do you see... herbs, plants, oils, tinctures.  Do you see meat suppliments, the answer is NEVER!"

Then you found a 2 pound supplement of meat powder, and then took my comment out of context.  Typical Natway debating style... 

Now Natway please show me the local health food store where 2lb of meat suppliment is sold as I requested earlier.  You wont find one... Thats right you proved my point, because you had to dig on the internet to find this stuff.

"Tell me, why is it mostly the Paleo orientated people who are the one's selling tons of supplements and not the people who advocate a low-fat/plant-based diet? That doesn't bode well for your diet."

This is my point, the majority of suppliments in your local health food store are not paleo related as you said and I prooved that.  The majority of suppliments have nothing to do with high carb vegans either, except maybe b12 and some sort of vegan protein powders  As for thes people selling suppliments, everyone is selling suppliments.  You act like anyone selling suppliments is evil.

But there is one I know off hand who does sell this, and his name is brendan brazier.  He sells the Vega line, and products such as Vegan One is in every health food store and grocery store across the country There is also all the ambassadors of vegan one, which you could say endorce the product. 

I also could care less about what low-fat plant based promoters, I dont have a "beef" with them.  I actually think brendan brazier is a cool guy, and I like what he is doing.  Just because I am paleo doesn't mean I have a problem with these people.  The only problem I have is with you, and that is because you keep lying, denying, ignoring, and criticizing.  If you were to keep it to the facts, then we would get along just fine.

See thats how I am... just because I like chocolate icecream, doesnt mean I have to hate vanila.  Do you get that... just because I like paleo, doesnt mean I have to hate high carb vegan.  You seem to think thats how it works, but it doesnt.


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