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Re: Low Carber Wins Ultramarathon - Breaks Record by natway ..... Paleo Diet Debate Forum

Date:   12/4/2014 3:46:21 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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lol, do you even read what you write?!

You say:

"when you make a factual statement that's not actually a fact, it's not called lying, it's called misspeaking."

after you had just said this:

"Please stop misleading people on this forum with lies"

Sounds like you're calling me a liar.

I was just asking if you should be called a liar for things like making such ludicrous statements like durianrider having "no credentials" when I simply mixed up two people from a video I posted.

Were you misleading people on this forum with lies such as this:

"Yeah, I got the Clinton thing wrong. Too busy to care enough to research it more."

You come across as someone very insecure and unsure of your beliefs when you start loosely throwing around the word liar and how you always seem on the attack, such as making statements like "You have met the enemy, and it is yourself."

Btw, durianrider lives in Adelaide and would have been 32 back in 2010, so I have no idea if that's him, but you come across as very snobby saying "those times are downright pathetic" to someone who has entered a marathon. God knows what you call people who aren't even good enough to finish a marathon.

But I guess you're going to make a flap about me using the word "elite" to describe him. Well, how would who describe him as an athlete? He consistently finishes at the top of his local races.

Quick examples, he finished 2nd and 4th in the last two Black Hill challenges, one of Australia's hardest mountain races:

He even won the Strava challenge back in 2013:

Some of his recent achievements from Strava:

2nd overall on Burdetts Road (Little Italy)
3rd overall on The Final Climb to Lofty
3rd overall on Burdetts Road (Short)

I guess he's just a "mediocre" athlete lol.

Oh nooz, a vegan follows the advice of health experts by supplementing himself with B12, blasphemy!

"Humans obtain almost all of their vitamin B12 from dietary means."

Oh I see, so why do all those Paleo gurus sell supplements on their websites? I guess the Paleo diet is deficient in providing total nutrition, or else they wouldn't need to sell supplements.

Now you attack Colpo for pointing out that Olson is not low-carb by using Olson's own words.

You should stop attacking people who show your Paleo diet is not all it's cracked up to be. You come across as cult-like when you do.

"You have no idea whether I reported that person [the cyber bully to] the Webmaster or not"

Did you? I doesn't look consistent when you whine about people posting what you think is a potty mouth vlogger, yet don't publicly denounce a cyberbully here at the forum.


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