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It won't go away!!! by #154340 ..... Urinary Tract Infections Forum

Date:   12/15/2014 2:04:45 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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The doctor needs order Urine Culture and Sensitivity Urinalysis with microscopic the other test is the the urine with microscopic reflex to culture and sensitivity,

Do not let the doctor just takes a guess at what
the germ is it needs to be identified correctly

This is what happened to me I had WORST headache of my life
dizziness, projectile vomiting and blurred vision felt like I was dreaming went to MD he ran a brain MRI ....nothing showed up.
Three days later I was sick again went to the ER that doctor said it was a headache!
Went to the naturopathic for vitamin C IV and they did a urinalysis and I had white blood cells in my urine the
finally they identified it apparently ECOLI which is pretty common for urinary tract infections

My medical doctor did not believe the naturopathic doctor test was valid because he said it needs to be grown for few days to get 100 percent accuracy. What I found is big disagreement in thinking between doctors, better cross your fingers you get the one that thinks right!
The MD put me On Cephalaxin for 2 weeks then,Nitrufluaratin for 4 days.

My MD to his credit, is an action doctor he ordered
an ultrasound of my pelvic and abdomen.
Then I was sent to the top urologist
in the country. He said it was probably just inflammation of my bladder from a very bad deep seated infection and that the bladder is healing put me on a very low dose Antibiotic for 30 days to keep away any reinfection
if that doesn't do it they will be taking a camera to take a look inside,

I'm not one to sit around and wait for medical doctor to get it right.

I got straight on Robert Vons anti infection drink with 8 drops of SSKI in the drink and few splashes of organic Sugar free cranberry NO Sugar, dairy, grains especially wheat and stay away from coffee alcohol,

My MD said that RETEST of the urine takes place TWO weeks after you have finished Antibiotics , then the you get an
accurate urinalysis test results

Also take good high quality probiotics and Floraster are the ones the studies suggest is the best used in hospitals


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