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Study Says Cancer Due to Bad Luck - My Response by Dquixote1217 ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   1/4/2015 6:24:42 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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"Getting Cancer is a Matter of Poor Luck Says Rediculous John Hopkins Study"

an editorial article by Tony Isaacs

Much ado in the lamestream media about the maim-stream study from John Hopkins which purports to show that getting cancer is largely a result of bad luck - in other words, unlucky gene mutations.  Bad luck and the tired old saw of cancer being largely due to genetics? Where do I even begin to start with such terrible disinformation?

Has mankind somehow gotten more and more unlucky? And if it is "unlucky gene mutations" why is it that people who eat and live a healthy anti-cancer lifestyle are so much luckier than those who don't?

Cancer was rare a century ago. It has proliferated since then, especially since the 1950's.  So I guess that our luck has really taken a turn for the worse since then.  And when you think about it, it has (though as is often the case, you make your own luck).

Yes, it is our bad luck that we have introduced more and more toxiins into the air we breath, food we eat and water we drink. Because the increased incidence of cancer tracks exactly with the increased toxins of the industrial age and with the decreased quality and nutrition of our food.

If gene mutations play such a big role, then what is it that causes those gene mutations much more frequently among unhealthy people? Could it be toxins? Of course it is toxins - and that, along with poorly nourished cells are by far the main cause of cancer, gene mutations or not.

But you know, it won't do to tell people that eating, living and supplementing wisely will prevent cancer.  There is little profit in that.  Just resign yourself to lady luck and if you do get cancer be sure to keep using the failed but hugely profitable mainstream medicine paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out the mere symptoms of cancer which destroy your first line of natural defense (the immune system) and which fail to address the true root causes.

Well, they did say that "some" cancers are caused by thing such as sunshine, so don't stop slathering on that cancer-causing sunscreen.

Scientific vomit!


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