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Re: Liver flush gone good - Hulda Clark! by cleansiac ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   1/20/2015 7:25:35 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Thanks for the great feedback! I so agree with you: I'm FULL OF CRAP! This is just the appetizers!!

Does anyone know what the black "seeds" are? I eat a lot of crushed pepper but this is not pepper. They are too uniform in size and shape. Look almost like small flower seeds. They must be some sort of eggs. I get a lot of them coming out with epson salt.

Humaworm is a bit expensive for me right now but I will absolutely take up on your recommendation as soon as I can. There seem to be quite a few who have good results from it.

For now, I ordered Gold Coin Grass which seems to help break down stones.

My health problems started while I was still working in the 3rd so its a no-brainer where they come from. I don't believe one bit in the "kidney cyst is in the genes" theory. When we had monsoon rains the water would reach almost to our waist... now imagine how filthy this water is in a third world country... dead rotten animals, dead humans, human and animal faeces, garbage, food waste, toxic waste - you name it and you wade around in it. Yuck! We tried to be super careful with cleanliness but its almost impossible. Poor countries have barely any supplies. So they never had any wellies or gear for sale so it was basically skin-to-skin contact.

Just shows you all that deworming medicines are from the dark ages and just doesn't work. Fact is I never even once saw any worms or parasites in my crap after taking all that poison. Yeah, because they never LEFT the body!

This means I've been carrying this disgusting stuff around for 10 years and finally it's just clogged up the entire system. It's so gross...! I really should have known better. In our projects I worked with hundreds of doctors (we established free medical facilities for very poor people), I was around herbal docs and acupuncture and know many of the treatments are far more superior and effective than a lot of our 'voodoo medicine' of the West. My problem is that I was a project manager and I've never been very interested in health so I let it slip.

Oh well, you live and learn! I had to suffer the consequences. No more. I'm taking charge of my own health and wont stop until these kidney and liver cysts are nothing but a memory. Truth is doctors don't know shit. Medical diagnostics is so primitive it can only detect many disorders when they are in very late staged of development, so its really unreliable.

I think if people would combo all the cleanses at least twice a year (if they're healthy) plus add Dr Robert Youngs alkaline diet and stay veg, they will lead healthy lives and will even look younger.


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