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Re: Good foods/supplements to recover thyroid dysfunction? by Changexpert ..... Hypothyroid & Wilsonís Disease

Date:   3/6/2015 6:57:56 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. I actually have at least two causes that you mentioned, inflammation/high cortisol from two surgeries and digestive issues. I used to have heartburn, but somehow, that has been fixed. I think a combination of acupuncture and HCL has helped me the greatest. Dysphagia still exists, but only to a mild degree, and my bowel movement is way more regular than what it used to be in last December (2014). The biggest concern I have is hair loss; it's amazing how quickly one can lose hair.

I have been desperate to stop the hair loss and fix gut issue, so my supplement list keeps changing. There's just so much information on the internet and I recently got into methylation cycle. I know that I have methylation issue as indicated by high MCV value (98 fL) and borderline high MCH value. My iron and ferritin levels are fine, so MCV must be attributed to B6, B9, or B12 issue. Strange part is my B9 and B12 levels were fine back in last November, but that was before my digestive issue was at its worst. I may have some genetic mutation that prevents me from turning folic acid into methyylfolate (active B9), which would explain the high MCV I have.

Besides hair loss, my body has been itching everywhere, especially in calf, thigh, shoulder, and back. I've been taking Black-Walnut hull/wormwood/clove tincture made by Now, so as a wishful thinking, I am attributing these rashes to a dieoff reaction.

I do have severe brain fog, blurry vision, and extreme fatigue. I believe brain fog was always there, but it's been worse lately. I think my last resort will be to find a good holistic doctor, relying on luck of the draw.

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