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Re: Good foods/supplements to recover thyroid dysfunction? by earthlove ..... Hypothyroid & Wilsonís Disease

Date:   3/17/2015 11:18:27 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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The thing about all of these health problems is that they work together, and one malfunction feeds another, so finding the root of your health issues can be really difficult. That is the point that im at right now. When you have problems in multiple different systems in your body, and nothing seems like it is working and symptoms start coming one after another, the stress adds up a lot!!!So, the high cortisol and inflammation are going to prevent your from ever getting better, because inflammation is the root of so many health issues. What are you doing to control that inflammation now?
The hair loss is a problem that I have too, and there are sooo many reasons that this can occur. Where are you losing hair ? Just on your head? The pattern of hair loss tells a lot about the cause. For me, my thyroid levels are low and I have low progesterone, and I have low stomach acid so I donít absorb all of my nutrients. I also have a congested liver and have estrogen dominance, which can cause hair loss if there is low progesterone. Have you gotten your sex hormones tested?
The methylation cycle is something really important that you mentioned. I too have high mcv and high mchc, but I didnít know that that indicated a methylation problem. I thought that it just indicated a deficiency in the b vitamins. Where did you find the information that states this? I would also be careful about self diagnoses, because this has really screwed me up in the past and made me more anxious than I needed to be.
The itching could indicate high histamine, which causes an inflammatory response in the body. I would not go down the parasite road unless you need to, because I convinced myself that I had one and I donít think I necessarily ever did. I would be careful with taking supplements if you donít know that you have something, as doing so can upset the balance of your body. Are you still having itching?

Brain fog, extreme fatigue-------symptoms that can be attributed to so many problems (thyroid, hormones, candida). Youíve GOT to get to someone who can piece this all together.finding a good doctor needs to be your first resort, not your last. Go to and find one there. Be careful with many naturopaths and holistic doctors who just diagnose you based on symptoms. I would not take something unless youíre sure that your body needs it. Keep me updated!


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