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Re: please help:new to liver cleansing, need guidance and advice by anxme ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/1/2015 6:19:08 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Please don't ever go vegan, especially if your adrenals are weak. Take it from me. Had been vegan for over 2 years, and now I'm bedridden, in the last stage of adrenal dysfunction. I believe it was one of the contributing factors. you are absolutely right that adrenals need protein and your diet sounds perfect, very similar to mine actually. Veganism esp raw is the worst thing for the adrenals as it is for the liver. It actually slows down the bile production. Bile breaks down fats-> low fat vegan diet -> no bile needed -> bile production shut down.
Vegan diet is high in fruit and fruits are way too harsh on already dysregulated Sugar levels present in adrenal dysfunction.
What I try to do is always fill my plate with 80-90% cooked veggies, small amount of protein and fat. I start eating grains, fruits or raw veggies and I immediately get worse.

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