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Re: everybody i need your thoughts! by jsl123 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/22/2015 9:13:52 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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ha well tell him to hope on youtube and read all the Psoriasis people that cure it through just diet.. Tell him eat fruit and veg and water only for 3 months and it will be cured tell him supplements liquid chlorofyl bit d3 milk thistle oregano oil supplements and it will cure seen it plenty of time i wish i had Psoriasis its easily cured naturally unlike ec which is a difficult disease i think its more of a aggressive trigger from a allergy be it cosmetic allergy food allergy or environmental allergy something is red hot and extremely irritated... as for the whole candida thing stay clear from bi carb imo if your serious about it do candida diet for 5 months but have a little bit of fruit green apples and the berry family and take herbal candida sups aka oregano oil supplements(google candida crusher) he has a good range of natural candida killers) but its not about killing candida you actually can't kill it everybody has it.. when it gets out of balance it turns into a pathogen the idea is to restore the balance in the gut... you need to eat healthy and alkalinise the body take good bacteria in(aka pre and pro biopics) and also use natural herbal killers that kill that pathogenic overgrowth.. you need to research more into depth about candida its not about killing and removing it its about balancing it back to a neutral state.... also tell your bro just fruit and veg and water NO CHEATING AND HE WILL BE CURED!

HEALING YES its a shame it does nothing for some people this is common with people with eczema some people prednisone will 100% clear the symptom other people it won't make a dent in their disease.. but i know of 2 or 3 were on the forum that it has improved its just a matter of getting me through the next 2 years till dupilumab becomes available..

natrual treatments work but natural medicine like conventional medicine has it limits they both always will as the human body is the biggest puzzle and greatest machine ever. No one will unlock the code thats the way god has made it imo...

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