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Re: Please help save my cousin from Leukemia/lymphoma by knowledge seeker ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   4/25/2015 7:38:23 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Email me by going here I will tell you how to get the sav _e your li_fe videos to show your family to help convince them and may be able to send you some of the chapters from Schulze's manual

I also recommend getting the quest for the cures videos mentioned abve you post --if you want to email me first, I can maybe get them for you cheaper these are amazing and will give you many healing options.

Also ask me what foods kill cancer stem cells and I can also get you some links to cancer movies that help.

You are on that right track..I myself have an aggressive cancer and was told I will die and am trying to cure myself naturally forgoing standard of care and chemo except for a more minor surgery.

Get her off all animal products and to a raw 85% or better yet 100% %  raw food diet (vegan, whole food and hopefully organic) as this has helped many combined with other things like detoxing of the elimination organs etc..have her say affirmations often (such as I am cancer free, my immune system is working and my body is killing all cancer cells and cancer stem cells. I will live till at least whatever age, I am healing day by day in every way, I am getting better and better, healthier and healthier etc.

The mind body connection is important...banish all hate and forgive, reduce stress, have faith and hope and love, get emotions under control, do things that make her happy read happy for no reason and do the exercises, read excuse me your life is waiting and use law of attraction, visualize her surviving and thriving etc.

Take in a lot of green tea tinctures and blueberries and other berries and anything with allegic acid to kill cancer stem cells. take essiac tea with sheep sorrel roots included (most do not include this). take apricot pits (I take 30 a day 10 per dose) or laetrile injections, take modified citrus pectin,

the way to get them onboard is to show them both the save your l_ife videos and the quest for the cures and then work together to design all the things you need and can afford, make a chart with each step and how often to take each day and get all supplies gathered together.

the doctor already said little they can do,..this is the time to try something else and luckily there is stuff out there that has cured the worst of cancers. many have best their death sentence if they do the work.

I do not have the time I used to as I am working to beat my own cancer but can give you more into and links and ways to get these videos..have those open to it and her watch them..stay away from people saying it will not work and is bad for her etc as these types will hurt her program

Tomorrow is what you do and think today Dr Schulze who worked with the worst of people said there are no incurable people,..he only worked with dying people given no hope or incurables like the blind or deaf or Alzheimer's or strokes or ms and Lou Gehrig's etc in the last years and had a 90% cure rate. I do not think he is in any way a quack. He has clinical experience.

she also need a colon cleanse ( intestinal #1 and #2 email me for more info on that and juice fasting. I have his chapter on leukemia I can also send to an email me above or give me your email address via private message requesting the things I said I can send you or get to you perhaps.

she has everything to gain and nothing to lose.  when a doctor says there is nothing that will help what he really means is there is nothing I know of, was taught or believe in not that there is nothing left..Schulze said he cure many with leukemia..we do not have him but we know what he did and with the program add all the things that can help kill cancer or support immune system etc as that is what he did in the clinic..also read the books by Dr batman___  "your body's many cries for water" and "obesity, depression and cancer their common cause and cure" from the library or amazon and do the watercure protocol (there is also a website watercure and watercures2)

Read the book step outside the box by Ty Bollinger but I think first

get her on a raw vegan whole food diet with some colon and other cleanses, soon on juice fast and view the Schulze vidoes and quest for cures videos and then have the family come to a showing have them not comment during the videos or stop after each one so the videos are not too interrupted. it is up to you to keep their unbelief and negative views away from  your cousin as she will benefits from hope and positive support and love.

There is a lot you can do outside the doctors never doubt it. Even if she would die, people doing the incurables program by Schulze had much much easier deaths and less pain.

Think of this as god's answer to prayer as I have not been on here much and just decided to go her and look and saw this...I prayed to god decades ago to help me help the sick and he has lead me to a mission and incredible healers and that you found them is IMO god's answers to prayer.

When she recovers stay on most of the program as it is harder to heal the 2nd time around and a good diet is key and raw foods and periodic detoxes. It may take a year or two to reverse so be patient. Be sure to post her story in order to help others if she tries it and it works for are no worst off if you try but I would stop poisoning her...they did not give her much..this is good ads it will push her to try other means.

Drs are fight with their prognosis if you are the average American but change one of the variables and you can change the outcomne.prognosis

disease plus average American lifestyle = prognosis/ death, deterioration etc


disease plus outstanding lifestyle= better prognosis, healing, life

pray God will help you get this all together and get them to view the videos which will take a long time get started immediately though on raw vegan whole foods organic if possible while figuring out what to herbdoc's colon cleanse I put more in this in the post above about someone's kidney cleanse so links on how to do them.


Is this a child or an adult if they decide to do alternative and it is a child, I would not tell the doctor what I am doing less he turn you in and the courts force it. I would say the odds do not seem worth it and you don't want the additionally suffering so decided against the 2 options then do it on your own.If she gets better and he asks how just say prayer or maybe add a few old fashioned remedies. be vague be bewildered as they cannot recommend these things and they do not believe or show intellectual curiosity to learn why she recovered.  they are forbidden to use them anyway or they lose their licenses so just do what is best for your cousin. Is she a minor or not? I wrote this thinking she was an adult but One can do child size doses and kids have used the incurables etc
some things are just food



It is important before doing any of this we know if this is a child or not if it is how old or what is her weight as you need to know how to calculate child sized doses..I can link you to that..just let me know


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