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Re: A Parasitic Nest! What kind, anyone know? Humaworm scattering by #139500 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/23/2015 5:10:48 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Sorry, I don't think you read my thread well. I SAW a worm so I DO know what I have....worms. I don't care what kind they are, I'm going to kill them.

I didn't use "herbs" as you put it and that is not exactly in my plan of action. I don't have time to play with these worms. I need something a little acting. I already stated that I used IMAM and it WORKED, it took only a few minutes to work. I just didn't want to keep up with the treatment and see more freakin' worms coming out of my skin to look at me. I wrote all this in my post. I ALREADY found a treatment that WORKED...IMAM, but my HOPE is that I can find something where I won't have to actually SEE the worms. Hopefully the zapper will kill them before they have a chance to bore through my skin.

I also just bought a zapper so I can REALLY nail these little buggers. I plan to get the zapper all set up, then drink some IMAM and as soon as the worms start getting riled up (takes about 2 minutes) then I'm going to hit them with the zapper. The IMAM will increase the conductivity of my bodily fluids (which are surrounding the worms) and hopefully they will die before they get too riled up and active in my body. If not, no big deal, I'll just keep zapping the poop out of them until they live no more. With the zapper I may even get better results than with IMAM alone. A double whammy is better than a single whammy.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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