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Depressed over my skin by #197509 ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   7/6/2015 3:04:08 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Nearly at my wits end. The whole area on and around my mouth is constantly red, peeling and especially on my philtrum-it's very rough skin. Under the light, scales even show up. Below my bottom lip as well, the same thing happens but at least it isn't as noticeable.

It itches almost all day long, peels when I'm not aware so i need to keep looking at my damn mouth and use shea butter when that happens, helps with the flaking but definitely not with the inflammation.

I have some dry patches on my hands-like tinea visicolor and i have been using anti fungal cream for 2 weeks now and no help, my skin is getting dryer and itchier, only ceritizine helps with the itch. Don't know whats wrong with me. Derms just said eczema but it just doesnt make sense that it happens so suddenly.

I have tried drinking more water, drinking homemade water kefir at least two cups per day, my bowel movements have been better - once every 4 days instead of once every few weeks, eating more vegetables, yogurts even. Topically i have tried atopiclair, coconut oil, acv which stung badly, salt water which stung as well.

The redness is pretty random, even when I'm not eating, like just walking around, it can suddenly become red and itchy. I have tried eliminating gluten, diary, but that didn't help, the redness was still coming and going.

Even when it was not red, my whole mouth area is a totally different color(dark brown maybe) and is still very rough and dry to touch, flakes still appear here and there.

I have school to attend, a part time job i just started- the manager even asked if my mouth area was dry. I just smiled at him.

It even hurts to smile, the peeling just made my whole mouth feel very tight. Can't believe i had normal mouth 4 months ago. I even looked at my past photos and cried. My mum told me this would go away with time- just more bowel movements, but even she sighed and shook her head everytime she sees my mouth being red.

I have bought a ready made enema bottle and want to try liver/colon cleansing but im afraid.

Derms cant help, they just give more steroid cream and that doesnt even work, i have stopped using at least a month ago. But this condition doesnt seem to be getting better, im worried it will spread, getting depressed.

Any suggestions what i can do? FMT isn't available in my country btw..

Sorry for the long message, thanks to anyone whi read it. I guess i just need mental support actually..

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