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You are allergic to something you are eating by White Shark ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   7/6/2015 5:22:12 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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You are allergic to something you are eating.

Red around mouth, in 99.9% of people is a sign of allergy or intolerance.

You may react to pollen, together with reacting to food you are eating or water you are drinking.

And, it is always something you ate during the last 24/48 hours.
Watch for color changes after eating different foods, and you will find what it is.

It can be milk, or Sugar or tomatoes or strawberries, vinegar, or tropical fruits including bananas, or fish, or food additives and preservatives or nuts or cosmetics or perfumes or soaps, or toothpaste or grains or rice or pesticides or ols, or even people or objects you touch... or laundry detergent etc.

POOP is, buy the way, available in every country of the world, you just have to look at the right place.

Bullshit "FMT is not available in my country"

For gods sake, it just poop, how difficult can it be to find?

Unless you regulate your bowel movements, and unless you have at least 1 per day ... you will be only wasting your money trying to fix the rest of your problems.

Start liver flushing!

Go on Elimination Diet and figure out what foods aggravate your constipation and your skin .


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