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Re: At Last !!! by Mammy ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   8/11/2015 10:55:56 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I thought Spooky 2 was ill-named, too, until I read that the reasoning behind the moniker was that a scientist, (I believe Einstein, but it could have been Rife) remarked upon observing that pathogens could be killed by zapping them with the inverse of their frequencies that it was "Spooky."

That said, I agree: Spooky 2 is a lifesaver!

I don't pretend to understand all the frequencies and whatnot -- that kind of Science has always been a brain-twister for me. But I am the person who posted back in the winter about having learned a hard lesson in not following protocol as outlined in the manual. In that post, I was too embarrassed even to post under my curezone name.

I cannot impress enough upon those who are thinking to purchase the Spooky 2 equipment to READ the manual and FOLLOW the protocol. Slowly. Step by Step. Don't make the mistake I did and go straight for zapping internal and external parasites -- I nearly killed myself in going too quickly!!!

Since then, I have gone back to page one and continue to work through the preset frequencies as outlined in the manual.

There may come a day when I am ready to customize the frequencies, but because of my deficit in comprehending abstract scientific principles, (I am much more adept at agricultural Science because at least there I can SEE the content),I am satisfied, and grateful, just to follow the protocol as outlined in the Spooky 2 Manual.

p.s./ I have it set on continuous remote zapping. This suits my lifestyle as I am not one to sit still for long.

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