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Re: Flaxseed oil has ruined my life after I applied it topically on the face, can anyone help me?? by Snoogies123 ..... Flax Seed Oil Forum

Date:   9/1/2015 5:38:53 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi there I read your article and could totally much so I even at the start I wondered if I may have written it a few years ago 😛 First thing to say is your definitely not the only one who in attempt to improve yourself have made a wrong choice and then regretted it afterwards!...and massively regretted it afterwards!... I have learnt the hard way to...and with natural products to..which just goes to show natural doesn't mean harmless...they can have big ramifications to... I put this heavy pomegranate oil under my eyes for a week and suddenly my eyes went all thin and fragile and hallow aswell...even though technically pomegranate is meant to thicken skin!.....was so annoyed at myself as I was always so gentle under my eyes...just with basic rosehip oil..but then decided to change things around.....that's always when I get the biggest problems when I start to experiement to much... The key is when you find something works ..stick to it!! I read one response that resonated a lot from a girl who had also been through a similar thing and she said best thing to do is remain calm..relax..and just be patient....cos I foot myself so worked up over the regret and how much my skin changed that I got so stressed and got rally bad insomnia..worst was when I hadn't slept for 3 days joke..all due to worry..was whenever I make a similar mistake again....cos as humans sometimes we have short term memories! And forget the mistakes of th past...I would have even worse retgrets and think why didn't inlearn the last bam..insomnia back....and I tell you what from all that stress cortisol circulating around my body..and no sleep all I did was make my skin and my problems 10000 times worse!! Only when I started to relax and try and not think about it to much and just have pure faith that in good time and the right lifestyle and skin choices the skin will repair itself by to how it was before....or make a massive improvement anyways! And when I started doing that..sure enough that's when I would get the I stopped focusing..and that calm energy floating through my body was healing and regenerating the skin....and a good tip is to take beaks from looking in the mirror.....and if you do just do it from far away for a bit..not with a mag hint glass like we all can do sometimes 😛 So yes best approach stop looking in the mirror for a while...maybe check in with yourself once every few weeks or even a little longer...and just swap fear with that your body and skin will repair and you will start looking like your old self again... The best under eye serum is prickley pear. Serum full of natural vitamin e ...a lot more than argan oil..and has a high amount of vitamin k which is the inrgrediant you want for under eye circles and's also super high in essential fatty acids and will restore you skin barrier function....I can guarantee you that you won't find another serum that will transform your skin so gives it a luminous even glow and will strengthen the me!....Google it and you will see all the great reviews..kenza do an awesome one Best collagen boosters are Msm and vitamin c...just start with 1/4 teaspoon of msm and add vitamin c powder...either ester or one with bioflavonoids...or even naturall vit c like camu strengthens all connective tissue such as skin will rebuild collagen under your eyes...and make your skin clear and glow..helps wih pigmentation and also has brilliant effect on nourishing all your organs...I used to have bad upper bk pain and pains from soon as I started taking an awesome side effect I was expecting..the pains were gone!....once again Google benefits of msm powder and you will see Next collagen booster is ceremides.....they have even now been FDA can get them either in the form of wheat germ supplement..or cereides from sweet potatoe or rice supplement .....they will help plump up your skin as they rebuild the layers of fat from the inside..and will actually strength alll 4 layers of skin...Google to! Other great skin supplements is goto kula..shisandra and aloe Vera coenzyme Q10..and asthanxin.. You also need to have protein with every meal as protein is full of all the amino acids present in the skin and needed to rebuild...I buy hemp protein powder... Lysein and proline and two amino acids especially good for rebuilding collagen You also néed to increase all your good fats so omegas 3 fish oil...or flaxseed oil..(internally of course 😜.... And borage seed oil..important to moisturise your skin from inside out.. Best foods to eat to increase skin thickness is tomatoes...but best in the form of concentrated tomatoe paste...only buy from your organic store..and have a teaspoon a day on a rice also have to swallow a dash of olive oil with it to enhance absorption.. Pomegranates also increase skin does green tea To increase your skins natural hydraulic acid have lots of sweet potatoe and also beans Oh and one of the best things you can also do that will transform your skin and give your a natural glow..that will make you look like you have a nice glowy tan without the sun.lis carrot juice!,lli have two carrot juices a day with beetroot.....many studies have shown the more ppl have carrot and veggie juices will increase the skin pigment in your skin and make you attractive to others...also swallow little bit of olive oil for absorption Also drinking lots of purified water will also plump your skin out And most important thing is to be kind to yourself!...we all do this stuff..and you only did it to improve yoruself you came from a. Good place ..we are only human..I have done this stuff about 6 different time in the last year alone!! Just take on board the above food and supplement advice...start to relax..replace ear with faith ( highly recommend you buy the book the wisdom of Florence shovel shin...will change your life) and already start to feel happy knowing that in time you will be bk to your old self 😃

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