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Re: What will raise white blood cells,. Also need prayer by knowledge seeker ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   10/11/2015 10:20:04 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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No i did not do what they wanted

They wanted mastectomy, removal of sentinel node for biopsy (could be from 2 to 21 lymph nodes), and chemo..there are not drugs for my type of cancer or they would have pushed those.

Indstead I had a lumpectomy, no lymph node removal and no chemo..I could not do radiation as they had to give me more than normal 20 years ago when my cancer recurred 6 years after only doing a lumpectomy.

Drs in the present when said not doing chemo all gave me no chance of survival so 3 Dr gave me no chance of living. I am doing alternative health. I will never do chemo and I regret doing radiation (more than normal amount over 2 decades ago  but used a lot of antioxidants then but had free radical damage of every cell in the live blood sample rest I took  a week after radiation. but luckily had another live blood test and only 1% of the cells had free radical damage and was told my sample was unique better than 98% of what they usually see.


since they were not low I do nto think it is from a long time ago and have only done minimal surgery this time. I do not even currently have a cancer dr..

The WBC were normal last time..It may be due to an infection as had symptoms same as pneumonia the same symptoms fit with cancer spread to the lungs so do not know yet and also had an abscessed tooth twice and large lump by nostril both times (the abscess that extended inside the gums) but knocked them out with natural haling but the infection could have spread perhaps. it turned out not to be pneumonia but she said some xrays do no show it so have have an infection that lead to this being lowered?

As far as the link. I am reigned in by my low poverty income..I would have liked to had a zapper long ago but could not afford..I am wondering about the yeast can be cancer things  as would these zappers and machines knock out systemic yeast. The upcoming quest for cure docu-series will be interviewing Dr Simoncini who found yeast near all tumors and I am currently battling problems with yeast last 18 months would the zapper kill yeast/fungus?  well thanks for your post


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