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Re: What will raise white blood cells,. Also need prayer by parazapper ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   10/13/2015 3:36:35 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Not entirely my company, it is an S-Corp. with several stock holders. I am the CEO though.

While I feel that the 6-pack can kill fungi, it does not have a lot of the anti-fungal frequencies from the CAFL.

I like the CC2 better with copper paddles and pads and usually like mode 1 but sometimes do the MX mode.

When I need to cleanse, I will first zap an hour before dinner on a night such as a Thursday night, then I fast for 24 hours, nothing but water, lots of water. Then comes the good part.

I have a vibrating foot bath that I put the pads in with salt water and Epsom Salts , put my feet in, hold the paddles in my hands, sit back and watch a movie, zapping for at least an hour.

After that, is the really yucky part. I put a couple of teaspoons of Epsom Salt in a glass of lemon water ( squeeze 1 lemon into the glass ), and then drink it all down. Nasty stuff. BTW, I plan on not leaving the house for 24 hours although it usually only takes a few hours to work, you just never know.

After that, I usually wait about 10 to 15 minutes and then start taking 1 tablespoon of yogurt every 10 to 15 minutes for the next couple of hours. The yogurt should have 5 or 6 strains of live and active cultures and preferably no Sugar but also no Aspartame or acesulfame.

What this all does is to weaken any critters that I might have inside from the fasting. Also, the innards ( lover that word ) are basically empty So that when I zap, there is no place for critters to hide. What the zapping does not get, the Epsom Salts will flush out. Then I get all new intestinal flora from the yogurt.

While the Epsom Salts is nasty tasting, I think that it is entirely worth while because it leaves me clean inside and really gets rid of a lot of gunk.

When I am done, nothing tastes as good as spring water.

Funny, I have had die-off on occasion from zapping but never when I did it this way. I think that the Water Fast and flush does a good job of getting rid of any toxins.

Just the best way that I have found to zap, except for perhaps tub zapping.

I just can not make claims for killing microbes in the body but I can tell you that regardless of the cause, if I have some issue, I will almost always reach for my zapper.

As a side note, the wife and I went to the football game Saturday night, Roll Tide!!! But after getting home about 1:00 am, I found that I had a really sore throat which might have been from the yelling and cheering, but I also felt a bit feverish and clammy. I pulled out the wife's MY and sat on the sofa zapping in mode 8 for an hour plus 45 minutes. Felt better when I finished, napped there for a bit before crawling into the bed about 3:30. Got up, fixed breakfast, and went to church in the morning. Anyhow, that is the first time that I have been out in a while. Thanks to my sister and her hubby for the tickets.

The thing is that I really appreciate having my zappers and actually use them with great satisfaction.

Back in 2006, I was raided by the FDA and any number of other agencies, local sheriff, police, state, etc. They made all kind of snide remarks about scamming,ripping people off, etc. They also said that they tested the zappers and they did nothing, which was a complete lie. In the end, they had to eat their words and did not like it very much. They called down our customer list and were promptly told by our customers just where they could get off. They ended up having to send us a letter telling us that they considered the zapper to be a class 3 device, capable of supporting human life, or something to that extent.

The point is that when I first used a borrowed zapper back, I guess the winter of 2000-2001, I knew that this was marvelous. I left my job as a programmer and started making zappers. I expect to continue for a long time, but if for some reason I am not able to, I have others lined up to hopefully step in and continue.

SO, while I can not tell you what zapper to buy or tell you how to use it, I can tell you what I like.

BTW, Seriously, for anyone who can not afford a zapper, get a 9 volt battery and try the battery tapping routine. You may be amazed at what a 50 cent battery can do for you ( 2 for $1 at the dollar tree ).

Also, just a little tidbit. To survive a scorpion sting? Zap the place where stung with a spark plug wire ( engine running of course ). Well, ouch! But what a choice, zap the heck out of it or possibly die? It is also supposed to work with snake bites and venomous spiders.

Also, people find ingenious ways of varying the use of zappers. Heard from a person who laid with the pads behind his shoulder blades. said that they really liked it.

In places like Indonesia, people actually stretch out across the train rails to zap( yes, electric trains ).

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