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Re: Am I risking infecting someone while on Humaworm? by BrandyS ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   10/19/2015 10:50:35 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Good morning!

I have read that you could contaminate other people while on the cleanse...however, it really comes down to cleanliness...wash your hands really good after you go to the bathroom, and for extra precautions you could bring some kind of disinfectant to wipe down the toilette after you go. Something with bleach in it preferably. I really don't think you can infect someone with saliva? I could be wrong....but for the most part you will be expelling eggs, and parasites out your

The way the cleanse works is it can start to kill things on every level no matter the body part...if you have pink in your eye, the cleanse could be tackling something in your may not even be pink could just be your bodies response to cleansing...

Also, you will be tired...your body is working very drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water....

You may also feel parasites wiggling around in your body...they may leave your gut and go to your spine or your neck and it is a terrifying feeling...It could be that you do have leaky gut...I'm sure I had leaky gut of some sort...however, we did a years worth of cleanses, on for a month, off for 3 and was very successful with tackling our parasite issue! So, please keep going....For the most part, parasite cleansing is such a new concept for people that they are afraid of the unknown....and feeling parasites wiggle within them is absolutely terrifying! BUT please don't will get there, the humaworm cleanse is a good cleanse if used the way they ask you to.

Lastly.....for the most part, across the board, the 2 week marker is the WORST part of the don't be shocked if you have a "Cleansing crisis" which could include fever, diahrea, whatever it is that your body responds to however it responds to it...everyone is different. I had a fever for a week and was still quite sick after my first cleanse (I was infested), but started to feel alive again after the second and only got better and better after each cleanse...we now do one every six months for maintenance. We are about to do one at the end of this month...GOOD luck to you. So sorry for the book...I don't want you afraid of what is to come, because feeling like crap is only a season and we are proof that if you keep going you will get your life back!


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