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The use of antibiotic cream in a constant moisture routine. by rcb ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/20/2015 7:29:52 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi, i've been a lurker here for a couple years and suffered EC ever since i graduated high school 5 years ago. I currently go to college in the medical Science field. It is my belief that EC is primarily caused by physical trauma to the lips in most cases but can be made worse in people with compromised immune systems. My EC first started when my then GF bit my lip and broke the skin. I was also going through the most stressful time in my life which caused me to lick my lips nervously. Whatever the cause behind your lip injury (smoking, lip licking, picking) EC should be treated like any other wound.

My EC is currently in a very good place and has been before i started the treatment i'm about to recommend. Previously i had bi-daily white buildup on 80 percent of my lips that cause the entire layer of skin to peel every time i got out of the shower. Currently i am more or less healed except for the middle of my top lip and a little bit of buildup on the bottom. I'm not sure how i advanced beyond the severe case of EC to what i have now but i think it was due to : less stress as i switched from full time labor job to college, Use of bepanthen (a healing cream for tattoos), protecting my lips with a barrier of vasoline during shower, drinking hot coffee with a straw, *no licking*. Obviously when you have a wound you don't pour hot coffee on it so you should avoid it as well with your lips (my recommendation). I did not follow a daily routine with the above methods they are just things i did when i felt it was needed.

Now lets get past the introduction i will tell you how i am curing the rest of my EC. I read the posts about constant moisture and they were informative but i feel like they missed a few points. First is that if EC is a wound then the first step to healing any injury is to keep it as clean as possible. This is why i have been applying Equate triple Antibiotic cream to my lips 2-3 times a day. The human mouth is the most bacteria filled area in the body. Humans' bites can kill easily due to infection. It is proven the cleaner a wound is the faster it heals and the less scarring occurs. Therefore the microorganisms living on the lips surface should be killed if healing is to occur effectively.

Secondly, i disagree with the use of aquaphor. I have used aquaphor in the past and the relief it provides is temporary. Aquaphor actually made my EC worse as i was peeling more and had more build up when using it. As i have read before on this site aquaphor hypermoisturizes the lips so that they actually peel super easily. When i use aquaphor i had dead skin build up on the inside of my lips every morning . This skin should be healing not peeling away every day. The moisturizer i am currently using is Cerave Moiturizing cream. When i use this cream my lips feel so hydrated and content i have not licked my lips a single time since i started using it. The past week i have used the triple Antibiotic cream followed by the moisturizer. Even though i drank coffee without a straw prior to showering today and did not protect my lips in the shower i had ZERO build after the shower. My lips have not peeled one time this week and look very strong and healthy. The upper center of my lip is getting better and thicker( it usually peels every 2 days). I have taken pictures of my lips TODAY that show my EC and if i manage to heal them i will post before and after as proof. As you may know many of the proclaimed cures that people claim on this site are temporary and they eventually redevelop EC after stopping. I do not guarantee this will cure you but it is my belief that it is currently the best treatment. I have no scabs forming no peeling and no peeling, just clean healthy lips that seem to be healing. My recommendation is to use the Antibiotic then the moisturizer 3 times a day with these additional requirements: Lanolin overnight if your lips dry out in the morning ( i currently use it but it isn't THE CURE), drink coffee through a straw, A layer of vasoline/lanolin over lips during showers. I will report back with updates if my lips being to peel or if im cured. Feedback is recommended if anyone wishes to try this method i hope this works for you!

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