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Re: Anger-Detox by PhilosophicalCat ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   11/29/2015 8:28:14 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Greetings RawMan,

A couple of suggestions:
1) The coke flush might not be for you. I don`t think it`s a good idea to use something containing toxic chemicals and a lot of Sugar to try to detox. I`ve used the Moritz method, and many people use the Hulda Clark method; both are similar. I`d recommend that you switch to one of those methods and see if it helps.

2) You are Liver Flushing too frequently. It`s better to wait at least 3 weeks between flushes, since it takes about 10 days for the toxins to clear out of your system following a liver flush. If you do flushes every week, the toxins that are released from the liver don`t have enough time to be eliminated (via kidneys, colon, skin, and lungs) and they`ll build up with each flush.

3) If you are tense and have trouble sleeping, there is a good chance that you are low in magnesium. There are many magnesium supplements on the market. I suggest you google "magnesium" and "calm" or "tense" and see what supplement shows up. I have my favorite, but I understand CZ`s dislike of naming brands. A magnesium deficiency shows up in tenseness and tightness, stress, muscle cramps, inability to sleep, muscle twitches, tense emotions...

4) You could try adding cilantro and chlorella to draw out the toxins, and increase your fiber and water intake so they get eliminated via the colon.

5) A movie that you could watch to gain insight into the connection between emotions and ill-health: e-motion.

6) Here is a link to get an idea of what kind of information is in that movie, in case you can`t/don`t want to rent or buy it:

7) A good website that has e-motion and about 400 other wellness-related videos is FMTV (note, NOT the FMT therapy that 3 of these 4 letters keep linking to - F.M.T.V (with no periods) is a website). (I don`t benefit from suggesting this website.) You can find e-motion on this website. You have to be a paid member, but if you go there before midnight of Nov 30, FMTV is offering 10-day free trial, and you might have time to watch the movie for free before deciding whether or not you want to pay and see the other ones as well.

8) This link can explain the connection between emotions and the body: Anger is linked to the head according to Mercola. I`ve found anger, frustration, and sadness to be linked to the liver.

9) You Can Heal Your Life, by Louis Hayes, is an excellent book and can be viewed here

Some ways to get toxins out of your body - detox foot pads, Epsom Salts + baking soda (1 cup each) hot baths, saunas, meditation, tapping, dry skin brushing, rebounding, and walking outside in the fresh air and sunlight all help to move toxins out of your body.

Be gentle with your body. Following a vegan or even vegetarian lifestyle, especially if it is mostly raw, is already a detoxing diet. You just might be overloading your body with too many toxins at once.

Good luck!


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