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When to start taking PROBIOTICS after the fast? :) by 1234567 ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   12/16/2015 3:40:32 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hello Everyone :)

I have a question to the forum again, just for my information and for Everyone to know too.

Can you please tell me after you finish, say 7 or 10 or 14 days water fast.. How Many days the person needs to Wait before starting taking PrObiotics in the capsule/ pill form??

Other forms of probiotics - sauerkraut? When?

Archus, you said in my previous message to the forum that it would require quite a some time before the person can start taking it.

Does the Potency of the probiotic pill Really Influence on When you can start taking it? Say 5 billions or 30 billions pill?

Chris told one day that the colon start functioning approximately after 5-6 days after the fast is over (not sure, it just stuck in my mind) then, logically speaking, after a Week or even 10 days of re-feeding it is possible to start taking them again?? Their potency really matters in this case?? 5 billion? 30 billion?

And also.... When it is Best time to take probiotics. I found info in the net about it which says:

A recent study in the Journal of Beneficial Microbes showed that probiotics are optimally absorbed when taken Prior to a meal and were absorbed almost as well when taken with a meal containing Fats (they recommend 30 minutes Before the meal).

But, do Not take them after a meal! Probiotics that are taken after a meal have even more difficulty surviving stomach acid levels as this is when your stomach acid is at itís highest. A study from last year found that when a probiotic supplement was taken after a meal, extremely low levels of bacteria survived.

Thanks. :)



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