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Re: Simple, Easy, Inexpensive Cure for Scabies by SpagW ..... Scabies Forum

Date:   1/3/2016 4:54:42 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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>>>did you feel bugs crawling skin?
did you feel anything like pushing on skin,
something tiny like a needle or smaller?
did you feel a pin prick and/or stinging ,, burning sensation

I didn't feel any of those things. It was a terrible itching and welts all over my chest, back, arms & upper legs. It was like hell every night.

The diatomacious earth mixed with grapeseed oil was a miracle for me. Within a week all itching was gone, and I kept the treatments up for 3 months to be certain the hatchlings all got killed. They continue hatching from under the skin for 8 weeks or more.
well i am starting too think its something else,
I have done the grapeseed & DE mix twice yesterday and once today apply too skin like a lotion, my skin has a immediate reaction with red rashhes that appear immediately after apply'n but seems to settle down after a hour and it soaks in to skin, thats gotta be a reaction too mold spores on skin maybe?
I will apply daily , it did stop most crawling (some on scalp) and most if the bitin pinching stinging, I am gonna have to do a Lice shampoo too make sure its not that,
this is driving me crazy,what gives

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