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Re: I am dying and literally begging for help by knowledge seeker ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   1/20/2016 12:12:01 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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yes but quit them when diagnosed as so much going on and need to get back on things.

I cant seem to get organized and find things some put in basement during an inspection and now cannot lift the boxes to find my supplements etc without my brother to find them but maybe my children can help me with that when they have time.

I think I was up to 200 mg but someone said needed to go to 300 mg I got scared when dr did an Iodine test that showed me like 5000 times higher in Iodine than normal.

I also wanting to start taking the Hoxsey formula but not sure I can do the diet they said goes with it as I do take some of these items regularly like vinegar.

I am confused as one must take Iodide with it and I think that somehow messes with taken Iodine so uncertain what to do. Do these Iodide and iodine contradict each other or can both be taken without messing u the benefits of the other so do not know how much Iodide supposed to take and if the iodine will mess anything up. feel forced to chose one or the other there so just not sure what to do.

was going to post in Iodine Forum asking about this but just so overwhelmed and time deprived right now I have not been able to do so yet so doing nothing as cant seem to function with all going on, that I am facing and with Depression and worry etc.

Once I figure things out and get all my supplements and treatment thigns back together, I plan on restarting either the iodine or iodide and the cottage cheese flax protocol (but not her whole program)..

so much out there I am getting overwhelmed but do have the flax oil and all iodine protecol cofactors (like selenium etc) and iodine. Just a matter of getting things together as I am currently a basketcase.

Just found out I may have to go to a nursing home, lose my home, independence, social security --all you can keep is $30 a month and how can I juice and cook special diet and buy the things I need to do to try to leave with just $30 cannot even afford to pay for my shed, car insurance or even carrot juice if I lose my food stamps and ss check as even just doing that costs $110 a month if lucky.

I have many supplements and herbs but too many to take there and use I have made many tinctures and have several boxes or more of things but need to be able to prepare foods and all that.The nursing home food is worst than hospitals if trying to cure yourself. thew worry of all that and what future holds is making me call crisis lines all the time and waste more time as I cant stop crying etc form fear, worry and loss etc.

Ok I left the computer and called the 24 hour nurse line with my insurance and though she was not allowed to tell me if my insurance might help with in home help or if only nursing home, I kind of got the sense it did.

If I can when time comes get home health aid. I could keep my ss check and be able to have th money to buy some of the things I need and keep up a healthy Diet and not lose all my stuff etc.

She agreed with some of the alternative health things I said and felt I should claim healing and believe I still had a mission to accomplish and I could do what I needed to. She said maybe I have things to do on earth still and it resonated with a message I heard form online preacher as same stuff he said so I felt maybe I would not die.

I want to be able to help others cause if I cured the most aggressive Breast Cancer there is and was stage 4 with it all over my chest, and lived I could help so many to have hope and I could myself wind up healthier than before I got sick. I have to learn to get that death sentence out of my head and say I am setter better not say I am dying as I do know the mind is powerful. talking to her put some hope back in my mind.

Thank you for responding and I will try to get back on those things. I can certainly get some organic cottage cheese next time I am out.


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