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Don't use drugs to treat parasites! Drugs are always toxic... by #461 ..... Parasites Debate Forum

Date:   1/23/2016 2:44:28 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Don't use drugs to treat parasites! Drugs are always toxic. Do Dr. Clark's protocol completely and thoroughly instead! Not just the herbs, not just zap, not just for a couple days, but all of it as she recommends.

I've used it quite successfully for nearly 15 years. I learned about it here actually before the pharmaceutical companies got all their paid employees here to start denying what actually does work (zappers and Dr. Clark's information), and start hawking their 'good advice' for what drugs/supplements to use, which barely work at all, or don't work, so you will keep coming back and buying everything the employees 'advise' here. Cha-ching* And of course to drive unknowledgeable folks away from the greatest anti- parasite device ever.

And CureZone back then was absolutely anti-drugs. It's the employees that are behind making it 'ok. It's not.

So, make a choice for health, and be very leery of all the 'good' advice pitching drugs and supplements out the ying yang here, even if it seems 5 different folks are making the pitch. It's usually 2 employees, switching names and numbers answering themselves, to make it seem that way.

Even the evidence of nobody reporting getting well, just more and more ohhh please help me, and what kind of parasite is this with gross pictures. If it's dead from zapping properly, it doesn't matter in the least---wormwood and the zapper kills any kind.

It's just fear mongering to make real people terrified and helpless. You don't need to be. I'm not. And I've beaten diabetes and cancer doing it with a zapper and Dr. Clark's herbs, plus 3 others for the infections. Apparently parazapper's models can kill those too. I never tried one of his. I just did it with the herbs.

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