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Re: Call for Parazapper to release schematics to public domain by #461 ..... Parasites Debate Forum

Date:   1/31/2016 4:51:06 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Ohhh no, notmycircus! You mean you think we're outposting 7 employees trying their darnest to make sure the pharmaceutical cartel's norm of avoiding zappers and anything that actually is good for you is maintained??? Making their jobs soooo hard?? Poor dears--typing their little fingers to the bone, no doubt.

Now this is the real notmycircus. Way smarter than the guy you had filling in for you. Hope you weren't paying him much. And interesting fake reason on why you think parazapper should be banned. If you actually read his posts you know he doesn't market here. But I'm sure you already do know. This is all a bunch of manipulating/ hate mongering.

As you pretend not to know, he can't make claims of success using his zapper even, because he sells them. The FDA is watching him like a hawk for even one such screw up, which he's had to pay lawyers to make sure to of what he can say. *shakes head* Do you have to be such an employee?? Of course, I'm sure, being an 'elite' minion, you go with their policy of repeating the lies over and over, trying to make them 'true'.

And really--why refer someone to the source of MY information---Dr. Clark's book. Where they can read all the accumulated information for themselves?? Gee, I just don't know--maybe because I'm not interested in spoon feeding employees who are just trying to waste my time and enable their lack of ambition??

And really, what's this if I'm keeping my 'herbs' so super secret squirrel??


And if this were an official selling site for his products, I'm sure he'd be noted as such and have a direct link to his website provided, just like the rest in that 'we thank' menu.

And yes, both he and I have been here way longer than you employees, and know what curezone was at the start. Not the product hawking zapper denying farce you employees have made of it. So yes, we discuss it. The GOOD old days.

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