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Re: terminal cancer I need help with something by knowledge seeker ..... Iodine Support & Discussion: Seaweed, Kelp, Lugols etc.

Date:   2/6/2016 11:36:38 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I have been on here for over 10 years under another account and several years under this one mainly helping people in the kidney disease and Dr Schulze forums.

I found a large lump in breast January 2014 that turned out to be a very aggressive cancer called triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) which is 4 times more deadly than regular breast cancer. It generally kills within 3 years.

Because I refused chemo, removal and biopsy of lymph nodes (also chose against their advise lumpectomy over 4th lumpectomy in all as I had early stage breast cancer (not triple negative in same breast) around the time I only did lumpectomy and then it recurred 6 years later.

After 6 months intensive research in the medical libraries I chose lumpectomy with radiation. they had to give me more radiation than normal and told me it could bounce off the equipment and cause new cancers in breast and glands of the neck (I feel I have a parathyroid tumor as I have like 23 symptoms diseases of 26 or so that are correlated with this due to that readation where they had to give me more than normal due to some factors). I had a live blood cell test at the conclusion of the radiation a week later and every cell in the blood drop sample was free radical damaged despite me taking tons of antioxidants, whose knows how bad I might have been had I not been taking these supplements that lessoned the damage at least enough not to give me the expected side effects.

I did not know what I know now or I never would have had radiation. what I did know though prevented me from having 4 1/2 of 5 side effects most of them would have been permanent. the medical staff were shocked and said you are really lucky everyone else has x,y z by now but the supplements and cream prevented that.

They did not know I was taking 156 supplements many  them antioxidants in the hosptial bathroom right after a treatment and applying a special burn cream I made of fresh aloe, calendula and vitamin e on breast right after the treatment to space it as far from next treatment as I could this cream caused me to not have burrnign atg week 2 as expected but no 3rd degree or any burns not till week 5 they tell you not to take antioxidants with chemo or radiation as it helps fix you as fast as the treatment can destroy you and interferes with them killing cells..which of course includes good cells.

I thought I was done with cancer after over 20 years but sadly no.

After intense research and getting Drs so hostile with me for refusing their protocols this past time when diagfnosed with TNBC, I chose the following.

They wanted chemo, and mastectomy and removal of sentinel lymph nodes which could be over 23 lymph nodes seriously impairing my immune system and leading to chance of painful and disfiguring lymphedema

Was told could not get radiation as already had and they have no targeted pill for TNBC

I refused mastectomy and opted for lumpectomy, and refused chemo and biopsy and removal of lymph nodes. In other words all I got was lumpectomy.

4 Drs told me I will die without chemo but would not say how long I had at that time May 2014. I kind of read between the lines to 2 or 3 years..they refused to answer but when I finally said will I live 5 years they all said no. surgeon said it would metastasize in 2 years and kill me.

 I noticed the post surgical biopsy report said vessels infiltration was present and went to speak to the pathologist who wrote my report and did the this blood or lymph vessels I asked and found out the cancer was in the blood vessel (via angiogenesis where the cancer makes its own blood supply).

I have no idea how long it was in there before I found the lump or it is started spreading due to the long delay Drs did in giving me surgery fully 5 months after I found it they made me wait.

Also the pathologist when asked said the chance of it being on the breast or in lymph nodes still due to the 4 ultrasounds and one breast MRI I had and the wide clear margins was almost nil so I surmise it spread through these blood vessels before or during the time I found the lump.

they could not stage me due to my refusing to have lymph nodes removed as I knew this would impair my immune system and according to Dr Schulze made it impossible to heal naturally.

there was a dependency in size so not sure if stage 2 b or 3 3 said it was 5 to 6 cm and 1 Dr and a test said  cm so cant know for sure the stage but I measured it many times and my sister in medical field and it was about 6 cm so I suspect I was in stage 3 b.

I said why would I remove lymph nods when the only reason they do that is to stage the cancer to know what kind of chemo to give you if I am not doing chemo and the Dr agreed I did not need it in that case and was right.

In October only 17 months later not 24 months, I started having severe coughing but was not too concerned as I had that before due to silent reflux etc where I coughed so hard I threw my back out but then I started getting symptoms I never had before as have not had a flu in 35 years...low grade fevers, wheezing, a few incidences of sever shortness of breath, malaise and I saw all those where signs of cancer spread to the lungs.

Called my son in a panic saying I think my cancer spread and he thought it was pneumonia as it was also the same symptoms.

I had decided I did not want to know if it spread as I was afraid would lose all my hope and figured I would just wait to see if I had symptoms but since pneumonia my son counseled could kill me as I had risk factors, I decided to get it checked and X-ray showed one suspicious area in upper right node but it seemed at the time small, but blocked partially by a rib so they had to do a cat scan which showed very bad news so bad I screamed and cried.

It showed one 3 something cm tumor in super right node, a 3 something cm tumor in upper left lobe,  smaller tumors in both lower lobes and in between the lungs a 3.7 cm mass and a 2.9 cm one one resting on the aorta along with multiple smaller ones. It was all over my lungs.

A Dr probed me and said I also had a tumor under arm and two in the breast..she said they were 6 and 8 cm but refused to give me an ultrasound or mammogram to verify if it was true. Noone would test me saying over and over it did not matter, it was unimportant and they do not do surgery when in stage 4 terminal which I now was in.

I finally was able to get testing and biopsy just about a week ago. Dr said there was an enlarged lymph node under arm but she did not think at all that it was cancer and said don't biopsy it,. The breast turned up 2 tumors one 1 cm and one 3 cm size of grape and walnut. All again grade 3 fast growing and most aggressive triple negative.

I was given (now it is this amount) 4 to 16 months at most to live though one Dr said 2 months but when I gasped the other Dr said 6 months, she changed it to 6 months and 2 have now past so that estimate was not right.

so I was told the following Dr one no answer-- she was the wrong Dr a breast surgeon,

Dr 2 also wrong Dr a lung surgeon (they cant do surgery it is in 4 or 5 nods and they have to remove the whole lobe and they will not do even if it is just one tumor the size of a pea and mine in lung area was at least a dozen tumors so I have minimum of 14 tumors.

3rd Dr an oncologist said 2 months and then changed it to 6 only and last dr another oncologist said one year and was the best as it is now about 11 months left on that one. Most recent dr a breast surgeon one dr sugggeste dgave me no time expiration.

I just saw a Dr one day ago and she said I will not be able to breathe at all and it will feel like I am drowning all th e time but never come up for air not sure how I could bear that kind of torture. another said I will not be able to walk from kitchen to living room so will not soon be able to cook, clean, go to bathroom and to store or anything.

right now I am mostly coughing off and on cant stop when I do it and cough so hard I urinate which is common when it is in the lungs my ribs hurt and I get malaise immediately when I am able to finally stop coughing as so exhausting I guess.

the other symptoms are not that often. I feel mostly the same so far.

I did post this a year or so ago and I did ask for help. I just did not know yet that Hoxsey gave people iodiDe and I was on iodiNe but stopped when diagnosed with death, was often o busy to post as constant tests and Dr appt and trying to get what i needed and raise money and all that.

I have a huge list of things have not gone with and was doing about 100 things before but not consistently or sometimes the right number of times..I was out a lot and could not get things done for emotions and depression and messed up diet. I also could not afford a lot of it as I was under poverty level in very bottom so hard to find cheap things.

I am posting now looking for specific thing..will iodiDe clash with iodiNe or will taking both made them both ineffective.

I do not know how much iodiDe Hoxsey clinic/Hoxsey used. I knew about the herbal formula for decades but did not know he used iodiDe. A website said it was 50-50 to the herbal formula which I think is maybe 100 drops of tincture 3 times a day so that is 300 drops or 10 dropperfuls a day plus the 300 mg of iodiDe in the Lynn Farrow iodiNe protocol I want to get back on and afraid it is too much as I had iodine level checked by Dr when I was taking 100 drops and working up to higher and the test by Dr showed it was 1000 times to much as they said it should be so I don't want to cause thyroid problems. I also have a multi nodular goiter.

this is the primary reason I am posting and so disappointed noone answered as I really want to take the Hoxsey but it will not work without the iodiDe and I don't know enough now and I don't have long to figure this out.

therefore I am begging for help..I want to live and avoid the tortuous path before me by curing myself as I will lose everything if I cant fix this.

If I go to nursing home will lose my social security and only have $30 a month so wont be able to pay my storage,store all my possessions, get car insurance, buy supplements and carrot juice and produce and good foods and will have no chance with their awful environment and medical orientation and crap food.

I have to turn this around while I still can and once the iodiDe/iodiNe issue is solved and how much can I safely take of each and will it be ok to take both or will they cancel each other out I can add the Hoxsey formula to my protocol..just heard two amazing testimonies on the Hoxsey clinic/now called biomedical center with two seriously ill cancer people (pancreatic on one and multiple tumors including one volley ball size one in another person and both cured with Hoxsey protocol one the longest living pancreatic cancer survivor like 43 years.

I cannot afford to go to the clinic in Mexico so going to try and make the formula myself and all standing in the way is need to have these questions on iodiDe/iodiNe etc answered and I can begin. I pray someone answers these for me.

I have been asking questions all along throughout this site on the cancer and this new thing on iodiDe just came up and in the interim I was just unable to post all I wanted to and ask things as I was running 100 directions at once and completely overwhelmed. also this question just came up as I did not know Hoxsey gave people iodiDe as poart of his protecol till very recently so could npot ask this a year ago. I did ask IodiNe questions earlier though as well as seeking help. time constraints also entered in...I just do not have the time to post I used to and also I type long things and often lose them and when that happened I get frustrated and quit not retyping it all so some things I wanted to post went unposted.

I hope that explains things better.

If anyone would like to pray for me I welcome those prayers for healing, being able to do the programs and organize everything and find the right dr and be able to stay at home if dying will not feel like I am drowning and sufficating..she said they have nothing to help me breathe and oxygen will not help nor will cough remedies etc help the coughing, I read osha can help shortnes of breath so got som eof that to make a tincture.



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