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Re: For those with cysts and tumours that wane with the water fast, and then wax again, once back to eating. . . by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   2/12/2016 10:45:33 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi, kmg4

I'm not sure what to tell you, and I get how frustrating it must be.

-- But there seems to be some substantial resistance to looking at the non-physical aspect of things. And this perfectly fits the image of a cyst or a 'walled off' encapsulation. Just an observation. I can't help but feel there is a large piece of the puzzle there.

The great thing about liver flushes, is that they can physically clear a LOT of emotion. It's been documented, again and again.
But I like to go by my experience. and I can verify they are amazing, in what changes they can bring. Not only that, but they help the body in untold ways: a clogged liver is at the heart of countless "dis-eases."

It's really amazing, but not, when you consider the word: LIVE-R

It may well be that in your case and others, there is a huge liver burden, ( as well as the kidney one ) that the body is busy trying to 'work around', during Water Fast and with whatever all contributing factors it is dealing with. And again, Water Fasting if a person is highly stressed and nutritionally-depleted is just a burden. I don't know if you are...

If you were to release several hundred gallbladder and liver stones , say, you might find the Water Fast autolysis-effect might kick in, and amp up considerably. (please note I am not suggesting you do them together.

For the rest, Moritz' book is all a person needs to read, imv)

People have experienced huge "cures" with liver flushes, who've never done a water fast! I've rarely heard the reverse, however...(Edited "never" to "rarely".
I'm not sure if Chrisb1 ever did liver flushes. But I think his case was one in which once the systems came back to functioning, there was no reason for the cancer to stay--in that sense, his leukemia may have been purely a last-ditch symptom of toxemia, and one the body could work through, autolyze, step by step, with the water fasting. Note too, that diet and lifestyle played a big part, after. )


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