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Date:   2/23/2016 12:20:07 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I am taking frankincense essential oil for cancer. Do you take this internally, inhale or apply to skin or what..for the frankincense the dose is one drop on tongue every 2 hours but know one often is not supposed to ingest essential oils.

I have read Frankenstein is better than chemo which they keep pushing and I keep refusing but Friday I found out my cancer had almost doubled in size in 4 ninths so very disheartened as did not expect it to spread so fast. It has metastasized to the lungs and I believe contributed to me getting bronchitis but my sister got it so may have caught it from her..noone would give me a cat scan to see what was going on, I begged the ER Dr and he did it but they would not let me see results..supposed to be there tomorrow..all I know if s the biggest one went from 3.7 x 1.8 to 5.8 to 4.6 or something but think all the other 12 (if not more now) also grew so terrified basically. I have the fastest growing grade but did not expect this kind of growth.

Might not be here much longer..the Dr was a jerk who did not respect my decision to have chemo, browbeated me for coming in implying my concerns about collapsed lungs and serous lung symptoms were trivial even though X-ray said I had a partially collapsed lung an elevated peri-diaphrahm..he later said did not think I had this partially collapsed lung but pleural effusion along with bronchitis..said I am ignoring elephant in the room over and over and tried to admit me only to get me to talk to a Dr who would try to coerce me to do chemo even though told it will not be able to save my life and might ruin what is left of it or kill me sooner.

Treated me like an idiot..I am so mad thinking about him and to tell me I will have continual lung problems over and over when he just told me the cancer is much worst so he could express his superioty and not respect mty dfecisions thought about so long and harde, but would not let me know how much worst was hard to take. I did not want to say anything that made him get rid of my cat scan/X-ray reports before I see them so had to keep sort of quiet.  I am sure he thought he was trying to help but they always act like I am doing nothing when I am doing quite a bit but it is alternative and not their dangerous crap.

I guess this test told me what I am doing is not enough and I will have to add more things and tighten up diet. so at least that happened. But I am losing my hope and worried will not have time to turn this around. He checked other Drs notes from another hospital and then demeaned me asking questions but not doing nothing (by his standards) as they all wrote in their notes I had a ton of questions but would not do chemo. It is like with all this sharing of my private records that drs act like some teachers did ewhen I was teaching..they read the former teacher;s notes of a child and already judge him before they ever meet them and I hate that..they do the same thing here. Just cause I am divergent, curious and want to gather info to makie the best decisons. I am atypical and drs must comment on it in their notes. I wish I could destory their notes and have drs only go on tests etc.

.I specially went there to this particular ER hinking he could not access this other hospitals the Drs records but no such luck one Dr prejudices another against me I have seen..most of the Drs I saw sucked. trying one from different hospital in 3 weeks as currently do not have an oncologist as most do not want to treat me when I will not do chemo and I want to find ones that will do regular scans so I can see if cancer getting better or worst but they act like it does not matter only if doing caner as we know it will only get worst and they think it is unimportant for me to know as altitude is you are dying anyway. I have been stunned by how bad and rude some of these Drs are and they think they know everything when actually they do not know much beyond what they are told and make money from.

It is hard to be strong when noone understands why you do not want chemo but it might prolong my life enough to save it but could also kill me sooner and ruin my body for good. I hate to lose this and everyone will think alternative health was no good rather than my messups and lack of funds and the deadly nature of my type of cancer which kills so many more than those with regular breast cancer and how fast growing it is and virulent. I have devote my life to alternative health and its study and helping others..I sort of feel like a failure I have not beat this and it is getting worst and worst.

To those kind people who have tried to help me and sent me personal messages, I am sorry I have not yet been able to reply as so overwhelmed but I tread every message and thank you so much. I am generally more conscientious an respond but never in my life have I felt so overwhelmed and torn in 50 directions and always behind on everything. But I have a grateful heart for this community the only one that gets me and understands and supports my dicisions to use only minimal medical help and go alternative as I know even if it does not help me, it is the best medicine.

I had all women this time a man so hope to have better luck with him.I feel people on here care more than the Drs. I want to thank everyone who helped me on hereand prayed for me. I pray you will be rewardewd for the time you take to help others which is in my opinion one of the noblest thigns we can do with our lives. I am grateful for the people I got to help over the last 15 or more years.

anyhow how would one take this essential oil you recommend


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