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Re: I'm very healthy using Dr. Clark's work. Are you from using your version???? by #461 ..... Hulda Clark Support Forum

Date:   4/2/2016 1:15:13 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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The Antibiotics killed off your good bacteria--allowed the parasites and bad bacteria to prosper. Of course any drug damages the liver, but it heals itself, thankfully. An ongoing problem isn't likely damage from one session of antibotices though.

Go get a bottle of goldenseal root to start getting the bad bacteria under control (3 or so every 3 or 4 hours with hot beverage) is what I'd use, and when it starts to feel less stressed switch to a good probiotic.

After you start Dr. Clark's herb and zapper protocol, and clear you liver of parasites, you really need to do a good liver flush--the one in her book worked well for me.

An overloaded liver is the basis for all allergic reactions, she found. And since I have not one allergy, not even hayfever, I'm inclined to believe her.

And what about your environment??? A serious undetected leak or other toxic ongoing exposure will hit the liver hard, cuz that's what clears toxins out of the body.

But you still aren't saying if you're reading her book yet.

But anyway, again--what do you expect using a zapper to do?? Read Dr. Clark's book and tell me.

Or I'm guessing this is still all a bogus attempt to disprove zappers and Dr. Clark. After your stunt with the olive leaf, I am still very prone to doubting your sincerity. Sorry.

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