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And again, little nurse Ratchet, with her little teeth out... by #461 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/20/2016 12:51:05 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Yeah--'newcomers' that sound just like old posters with a new name. And any more those are pretty much the only posters since real new posters are often ignored (no script) or abused. I don't think there's been a real poster helped here in years, unless one of us few non-employees saw them.

And whistle blowing only 'harasses' the employees. That's most likely why I'm not ban. I'm pretty sure the web master never intended this site to be a whole TV ad for pharmaceutical selling/'doctor' recommended crap where back at the beginning there weren't even Rx forums allowed (educating *instead of* medicating, remember??) and 'new' people weren't posting vignettes after vignette of 'ohhhh I'm sooooo sick', with all the 'symptoms laid out nice and neat, just like from a textbook or journal, or 'ohhhh (latest version) I neeeeeed help desperately' and on and on. It was a site devoted to anti-pharma stuff.

But 20 or so regular employee posters across the years have managed to flip it. I want it flipped back. I want this to be a site where folks get well without big pharma interference---not just sold a bunch of worthless (from MY own experience) supplements and for sure not drugs (which I don't need to experience, thank you).

And notice, just like Nurse Ratchet, this WYAN NEVER says how she's ill nor does she appear ill, just emotionally disturbed--just dispenses 'advice' about products like an evil nurse who's also here to defend her fellow staff apparently.

And she makes fun of my education constantly (not that her yapping has any relevance) but NEVER says why she thinks she's qualified---no degrees there, I'm sure--- and usually has no idea what she's talking about---just makes up weird twisty stuff and accuses me of saying it. Total manipulation/trying to control. So since I'm sure this is just part of her defending her staff, I won't even say believe who you will. I already know.


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