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Re: Niclosamide use at the same time with Praziquantel by CalamityJane ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   5/6/2016 2:07:14 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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The reason I suggested you enter that into Google is because that is how I found the information. You must read the Scholarly documents to get your answer.

The Prazi worked really well for me when I took it the second day after taking the Albenza/Ivermectin the first day, the following day in the evening I started the Prazi with Pyrantel Pamoate and made sure I placed the Prazi in three even doses the furthest apart as possible because Prazi is really dangerous and strong and says that it can be administered in a 1-2 day time period. I continued with the Albenza twice daily the entire time and rested after the second week, while continuing with weekly dosing with the one two day protocols. These really worked for me. The Tapeworms started coming out of my female genitals on the initial fourth day. the Morgellon's and worms started to break out of the skin which completely freaked me out. I smelled and tasted like sulfur. Everything I drank had the flavor of nastiness. I ate a lot of jalapenos with mayonnaise to keep my digestive track flowing because the drugs started to make me constipated which I did not have a problem with before. The jalapenos worked wonders within hours and seemed to help the process. The phlegm from worms in my lungs took the longest to remove and it was some crazy ass thought that I needed to try more Prazi outside of my regimen and it nearly took me off this planet. I was so sick for hours, from 4pm to 3am severe vomitting and diarrhea.

Personally, I think the poison is enough when taking as it is prescribed and using one's intuitive mind to take a oregano oil pill or a certain food that makes you feel better and happens to magnify the dosing naturally is a good thing.. For example papaya is a natural enzyme that actually opens your system to allow more nutrients to enter into your GI. Pineapple also. I think the papaya made it stronger at some point.

All this poison just upset the body and now I have to focus on drinking teas that won't upset my stomach because I just stripped it unnecessarily with doing too much. I completely undermined my own personal judgement, understanding and research based upon what I thought was someone trying to help me. So, I say to you. Pray, Meditate and then look outside the box and research. It's all there, you just have to read.

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