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Help starting on Iodine Supplementation by #125046 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   5/26/2016 9:38:18 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I’m brand new to iodine, and have just read the book, The Iodine Crisis, and am about to start the Iodine supplementation protocol the author recommends.

I am a 44 year old man who has been suddenly wiped out with unexplained but debilitating fatigue for the last 4 months, which has made me have a lot of time off work, and has hampered my attempts to start a business. I also have longstanding issues, which I am hoping Iodine will help with:

- Headaches round the back of the scull, brought on especially by wet hair or wind/AC around the head

- Serious digestive problems going back more than 20 years

- Foggy brain and unclear thinking, especially when having to start the day and look at all the things I need to do - I become totally disorganised mentally.

- Heavy legs

- Stinging in right eye (especially when under flourescent lights or wearing glasses)

- General sub-optimal stamina

My diet looks to me to be pretty good, and it feels right to be eating this stuff (that’s how I ended up on this diet - just by trying loads of different things and seeing which I felt my body wanted to be eating more). I am eating a low calorie (12-1500), predominantly raw wholefood diet, based mostly on various sprouts, organic vegetables and some fruits (but not too many). Fats are from raw organic coconut oil or olive oil. I also take a large 30g (1oz) portion of Nutrex spirulina powder each morning, and vitamins B12 and D (I live in the UK, where we don’t get enough sunlight). Does that sound adequate? I cannot really increase the calories at the moment, as I feel like my body is already in some sort of natural detox (which would explain the exhaustion) and is being overloaded when I eat more.

For anyone who knows the protocol from that book (the 2007 protocol) or just who has a good understanding about what needs to go with iodine, it would be helpful also to have your review of the below. I have just ordered all the co-factors recommended, and will take them for about a week and then start the iodine. This is what I am planning to take and how. It would be really helpful to have your input on whether there is anything I may not have considered. There are also some questions:

SALT – Himalayan Crystal Salt. I already take a lot of this, and usually mix 2 litres (quarts) of water with about a teaspoon of salt and drink it through the day. Can I continue with this rather than the daily glasses of water with ¼ tsp salt? Salt-loading will be in addition to this.

MAGNESIUM – I already get around 500mg from magnesium oil. I will take a further 135mg in a Thorne Research highly absorbable Mag-Citramate tablet.

SELENIUM – I plan to take 2 tablets of Thorne Research, Pic-Mins, which will give me the 200mcg of Selenomethionine, but also 30mg of zinc, and good amounts of manganese, Molybdenum, Chromium, boron and vanadium, In what I understand are very absorbable forms.

ATP Co-factors – 2 tablets a day (should I begin with just one?)

VITAMIN C – I am looking for a more natural form of this, and have ordered Camu Camu powder. I can get 2.6g of all-natural vit C by taking 20g of the powder. I guess I would probably need less quite a bit less than the 3g, as much more of it would be absorbed. But if it ends up working out too expensive, I will end up lowering the dose and making it up with synthetic tablets…

TIMING – a couple of questions – should I be splitting the dose of any of these through the day, or taking them with the iodine in the morning? (should I be splitting the iodine dose itself?). And are these co-factors to be taken in these quantities over the long term, or can they be reduced/cut-out as the body becomes more habituated to the iodine?

IODINE FORM – I know that Lugol’s is the preferred form for people who do this protocol, and Ioderol even more so for various reasons, but could this work equally with other forms of iodine like Iosol or Nascent? Iosol works out quite cheaply for 12.5mg (I will probably start on about 7-9mg and see what happens…). I know others have been happy with it, but I have not heard it being used on this protocol.

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