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Re: parasite emergency by glaxony ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/15/2016 2:49:03 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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do a Liver Flush to get them out of gall bladder and liver
do enemas with garlic and Wormwood to remedy constipation
put 15-45 drops of green Black-Walnut , Wormwood and cloves in tea
start low, build slow
use diatomaceous earth for gut worms, put in smoothie
or fill capsule and insert anally
put sulphur cream in your nose and sniff it
do not use much at first and slowly increase
madagascar cloves in capsule inserted anally for eggs
order neem oil, put it in a capsule, insert 2-3 caps anally every day
make coconut oil suppositories with Wormwood powder

do this kind of stuff for a week
then stop for a week to give your body a rest,
do this off and on for one year
then you should be able to just do it for 5 days per month around the full moon
maybe for the rest of your life to stay free of them
some have said that if you get rid of them completely your immune system will kick in and you will not be susceptible to reinfection
others have said once a host always a host and they will keep trying to come back forever
i am in the camp with the people who say that you can cleanse until your immune system kicks in, and then you will be immune to them
but i have not reached that degree of purity yet
so i just stay on top of it and keep my parasite load as low a possible
doctor says she's never seen anyone my age with an eosinophil level this low before, and she won't give me a prescription for worms, as she says they aren't dangerous at this level

so i ordered ivermectin for horses
and used the amount recommended for a 500 pound foal
even though I only weigh 100 pounds
i couldn't tell it did a thing

have you had the emergency room to check your eosinophil count?

today i am leaning toward atheism

if there is a god who created pinworms, what in the hell was he thinking?


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