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Re: If its not candida overgrowth then what is it? by lorry lazzaro ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/10/2016 10:08:37 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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just another note yeast in bread cookies donuts pizza is what's. doing it. if you don't put yeast in your body you won't. have a yeast infection. yeast infection means. the yeast is the infection. bread is not the problem it's. the yeast. half of europe make bread without yeast it's. called flatbread . mexico makes tortillas tacos and cornbread without yeast. what you buy in stores. here all have yeast-read the label-don't. touch or put in your mouth. learn to make your own bread. i love the bread i make. find non yeast recipes on the internet and practice and practice till you get it right. a doctor will never treat yeast infections i found that out. beware always of what they tell you. they had me going in circles for a whole year till i decided to heal myself.

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