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Re: Serious improvement after 6 weeks of urine therapy. Dysbiosis, bloating, brain fog, candida-like symptoms. (good read for allergy prone sensitive individuals) by stctom ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/23/2016 11:13:57 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Bark bark,

Liked reading your post. I just started UT 6 days ago to improve health and maybe avoid kidney disease and other problems. Going in, I was prepared to have to hold my nose, dilute the urine or otherwise deal with the anticipated gross, repugnant, and objectionable taste of my urine. At least that is how we have been conditioned, right? So, you can imagine how shocked I was with my first consumption of 6 ounces, to find out the taste was none of the things I've described. On the contrary, I found that I actually really liked it, so much so, that I was looking forward to my next dosage right away. I noticed you drink between 1 to 2 liters a day (33 - 66 ounces). Does this mean you are drinking after every time you urinate? If so, could this be a dangerous level? I'm asking because I would drink 100% if I thought it might not be too harmful. Besides water, surprisingly I would have to say my urine is my next favorite drink. For example, I had some chocolate chip cookies, which I usually drink with milk, but tried a glass of urine instead, and found that the cookies tasted better with urine over milk. With that point, I am wondering if that is somewhat normal or if I have some kind of weird addiction. I haven't seen too many posts where people would actually drink their urine over many other options. Or better yet, those who really like the taste, as I do. To me, when it tastes the best, is in the morning, when it is a little more yellow. It tastes like the liquid from my wife's favorite stew...think celery, carrot, pea, and potato water. When she makes that stew,i lap it up. In the afternoon, when it is more diluted, it tastes like sweetened green tea. So, at first, I thought there might be something wrong with my system or something. How could my urine taste so good? Isn't it supposed to be nasty, gross and disgusting....the way it smells in public urinals? What have been your experiences? Do you like the taste and look forward to your next drink of it like I do? Many people have said 2 to 4 ounces per day is enough. After just 6 days, I am finding I crave a lot more than that. Do you think my body might be telling me to give it more urine? Otherwise, I cant figure out why I am craving it and why I like the taste so much. It just doesn't make sense or seem logical. What are your thoughts, please.

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