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Re: Moxi use requires Vitamin and mineral supplementation by mattk3 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   8/16/2016 9:48:03 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I take a B50 because It was more than enough through all the processes I have passed thru, SIBO, SIYO, SIVO, and have not needed B vitamins since eliminating Flukes and Flatworms.

In the early days I remember doing like 8000 ug/D of B12, and I did separate B vitamins until I found B50. It has a standard level of B9 that I agree with, and has served me well. I now use it as a test to verify my level of B. I have a huge history with B50, and now it is telling me that I am low on B.

You cannot pay for that kind of information, but after repeated double doses, I am still low on B after taking Moxi. I will use B50 dosing to tell me how low I am, and more importantly how long to dose B, after stopping Moxi.

Again, information that gives me specific guidance for a Moxi Dosing Formula.

Strongyloides in the bones are painful to remove, as the fog lifts, you will become acutely aware of the joint, connective tissue, and migration pain in the joints. Ouch Ouch Ouch !.

I took a canopy of protection with Naturals Nematodea, Dosed ALB 200mg every night. And did weekly or bi monthly doses of IVM. I found that PPZ and nPPZ really helped with the pain level. For me it cleared slowly. The Papain and Bromelin enzymes, coupled with the manganese sulfate and other things crank up the immune and help make the environment unsavory for them.

Polishing them off with pulses of IVM and FenBen caused them to be tossed into the infernal regions, and they never returned.

I did have skull issues with Moxi, that same bone penetration pain, but after 3 days of Moxi, that bone pain is gone. I believe my bones are mostly free of Strongyloides, except maybe the bones in my feet, but they have cleared a lot over the last few weeks.

A Dosing of Moxi in practical terms

A Moxi Standard Dose (and the dose for most animals) is 0.4mg (400ucg) per kg. for 100 kgs person that dose would be 40 mg of Moxi.

The Whole Tube
Moxi tube contains 20 mg moxidectin/mL (2%)
1250lbs (568.2kg)

Tube Volume
The tube contains 0.4 ounce 11.6grams

Volume to Metric:
1 ounce = 29.57 ml

Volume to total tube med weight:
0.4 oz = 11.82 ml x 20mg/ml = 236.56 mg of Moxi/568.2kg (whole tube)=0.416mg/kg (proof checksum with rounding errors)

Ok. Now that we know our numbers are correct we can convert volume (ml) to a dose weight.

Dial Calibration
For example: What we are saying is that if you have a total weight of 1250 lbs, and you dial in your weight 1250 lbs, you will get a 236.56 mg dose.

Medicine Dose Weight to Weight Ratio:
If you divide the weight in kg by the dose you will get the concentration of medicine in the body (weight to weight) will get a standard dose of ~ 0.4mg/kg =400ucg/kg.

In The Body:
Ok, The definition of a dose is amount (weight of molecules) for a persons weight = the concentration of the med in the body.

So they measure the quantity of a med (weight in mg or ucg) per unit weight of the individual, the result is one gets a specific concentration of the med into the body.

Example Dose by volume for a person:
100kg dose:
Volume can also be used to dose a weight. For example, say you want to dose a 100kg person. How much paste do you need to take at 20mg/ml? The volume of paste is 100kg x 0.4mg/kg = 40mg /20mg/ml = 2 ml.

Easy right?

Kitchen Measure:
Lets convert this into teaspoons.
1 teaspoon = 4.93 ml. Lets call this 5ml.

So the amount of a teaspoon you need to fill is 2/5 = 0.4 ~ 3/8 teaspoon.

lets check. .375 tea X 4.92 ml/tea =1.85 ml (7 % low) it should be 2 ml without rounding errors.

So in Summary:
To get that concentration into the body one only needs to dial in the weight to get the correct concentration of the medicine into the body, But if you want only 1/5 of the dose 400ucg/kg for 5 days, then you need to dose 2/5ml or 0.4ml each day.

5 days of 1/16 + teaspoon = 5/16 =0.3125 (low dose)

lets try 6 days of 1/16 teaspoon = 6/16 = 0.375 teaspoon = 1.85ml x 20mg/ml = 37mg dose for a 100kg person (very very close)

In summary, kitchen measure of volume can be used to dose Moxi, it just takes a little approximation and rounding error.

0.4 ml x 20 mg/ml = 8mg (1/5 dose for a 100kg person)

8 mg x 5 daily doses = 40mg (full 400ucg/kg total dose)


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