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Re: E.C 30 plus years healed at last How I did it. by Lily23 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/11/2016 6:05:57 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Yes, after peeling they were very red, they were somewhat inflamed, the inflammation is in proportion to how badly split, peeled, etc they were as the peeling cycles got longer they peeled but looked more normal than when they were at a 3 day peel. I had top and bottom lips peeling etc...after exfoliating they were smooth but the the lips would harden and tighten up again before starting another cycle of peeling and exfoliation. I knew the salts were working because from the first time they felt very soft and I could feel the bubbly effect of the salts penetrating the skin of my lips but I was frightened that it might not work properly which was why I waited for over 30 days to post.
They were hardening and peeling the first week as normal but my skin seemed to stay soft for longer so that they couldn't tighten up to shed, I knew something was happening. They peeled after soaking in the first week gradually getting smaller and smaller in area, by week 3 the area shrank until I noticed that there was nothing to peel especially by week 4 they were UNABLE to peel, harden tighten split or exfoliate, the softness of the Epsom Salt soak seemed to effect them for 24 hours so I continued the soaking until I realised that they were no longer exfoliating.I had the white line I had exfoliative cheilitis. I don't think,am out of the wood yet, am soaking them 15 mins again since I ate and drank freely last week, also reduced my soaking times to 6 minutes am and pm in the hope of moving on from this, the yeast is not completely gone, but I can eat drink more freely than before that is a huge difference to me.

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