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Re: Colloidal Silver toxicity by Esstee ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   10/18/2016 12:20:07 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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RE: It is toxic, that is why it is used to combat pathogens.
I think you'll find that many /if not most, treatment types will involve toxicity to pathogens in some form or another . Though I'd add that this in itself does not mean that they are equally toxic to humans. And the most likely reason for this is where the terms of toxicity are subject to thresholds or limits. ie, even pure water(for example) will become toxic at some point. And so with this in mind, the issue becomes one of dosage and tolerances. 

That said, let's consider the following abstract on a study involving humans(not fish), and silver(not nitrates), by the Imperial College Faculty of Medicine in London, UK 

"Silver ...The antimicrobial action of silver or silver compounds is proportional to the bioactive silver ion (Ag(+)) released and its availability to interact with bacterial or fungal cell membranes. Silver metal and inorganic silver compounds ionize in the presence of water, body fluids or tissue exudates. The silver ion is biologically active and readily interacts with proteins, amino acid residues, free anions and receptors on mammalian and eukaryotic cell membranes. Bacterial (and probably fungal) sensitivity to silver is genetically determined and relates to the levels of intracellular silver uptake and its ability to interact and irreversibly denature key enzyme systems. Silver exhibits low toxicity in the human body, and minimal risk is expected due to clinical exposure by inhalation, ingestion, dermal application or through the urological or haematogenous route. Chronic ingestion or inhalation of silver preparations (especially colloidal silver) can lead to deposition of silver metal/silver sulphide particles in the skin (argyria), eye (argyrosis) and other organs. These are not life-threatening conditions but cosmetically undesirable. Silver is absorbed into the human body and enters the systemic circulation as a protein complex to be eliminated by the liver and kidneys. Silver metabolism is modulated by induction and binding to metallothioneins. This complex mitigates the cellular toxicity of silver and contributes to tissue repair. Silver allergy is a known contra-indication for using silver in medical devices or antibiotic textiles."

Based on the aforementioned, it would appear that the human body is well disposed to manage noble metals such as silver within a specified range.

RE: Like the heavy metals silver will cause oxidative stress.
Based on research, it would appear that the reactive properties of silver on bacteria is that of structural modifications that leave the bacteria susceptible to conventional immune responses. And while it is believed that these are a reactive oxygen mechanisms, it would also appear that these fall well within the bodies tolerances to manage. 

That said, the issue of oxidative stress leads me back to a personal experience involving a vigorous treatment using MMS, in an effort to treat a life threatening infection. Which initially caused extreme lethargy in the early stages of the treatment. So much so, that I was not able to function for more than a few hours at a time without rest. And while this was a documented side-effect, it remains that it was likely the most notable case of oxidative stress that I would have ever experienced.

What's more interesting with this, is that while MMS is a powerful oxidizer, that the side effect of the treatment proved to be quite temporary(3 da). After which, it ultimately subsided and I regained health and wellness. - energy, mental clarity, etc. Therefore, and in this particular case(MMS), the effects of what we'd call oxidative stress, would have fallen within the tolerance in the human body. And since we know that the human body is designed to withstand or control oxidation, it follows that the effects of oxidative stress can also be within working tolerances. 

Therefore, and with all that being said, I would add that one of the most interesting aspects of Colloidal Silver in this regard, is that there are no common symptoms or adjustment periods reported by users resembling that of MMS for example. That is to say, no notable lethargy, mental decline, or any other outstanding detoxification symptoms(excess sweating, urinating, vomiting etc). And so, based on this, I would add, that it's highly unlikely that the hundreds of thousands of users who have either taken or are currently taking Colloidal Silver are subject to harmful exposures as you appear to be suggesting.

RE: Much like the heavy metals silver toxicity is associated with mental illness. The brain is quite sensitive to oxidative damage.
Here again, I would add that this this is unlikely given the vast numbers of Colloidal Silver users who have not shown any signs of psychological changes. Coupling this with what research data we have and we have very good ground to dismiss such claims are unsubstantiated speculations. 

RE: There are better solutions and more targeted solutions without the risks for negative side effects!
I would be interested in hearing what alternative targeted solutions exist for condition such as; bone infections, cavitations, gangrene and/or septicemia. Though to my knowledge, I have not found any treatments that are as effective as Colloidal Silver in such cases. Otherwise, I'm thinking the Cavitation forum would be filled with testimonials. 

RE: Learn about the mechanism by which something supposedly works before just trying stuff!
I would agree on the cautionary statement pertaining to internet sellers. Though I'd also add, that many of the support personnel in the CS forum are actively involved in the ongoing research and discovery attributed to Colloidal Silver and it's uses. :)

Hope this helps


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