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Re: Fecal transplant is illegal in USA. by White Shark ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/24/2016 2:40:02 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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"Do you need more than one fecal transplant?"

I think majority of people who tried FT, needed more then one to get cured, but majority of people who tried FT tried it for UC, C-diff and Crohn's and these are rather serious diseases, I would say more serious than EC.

After all, people can die from UC, C-diff and Crohn's, but not from EC.

I have read many stories of people with UC who only needed 1 single transplant and all symptoms were gone.

But these stories are exception to the rule.

"And where (which country) can you find it in pill form?"

I think Australia is far gone with clinics and possibly with the pill.

"Or is pill form just as effective?"

I personally doubt that pill can be even close to the real poop, cause real healthy poop contains at least 1000 species of live microorganisms, and already few hours after the poop have left the donor, that number starts quickly decreasing, some microorganisms die out because of the change in temperature, and because of the fermentation process.

So, I doubt pill will ever be as effective.

Your best bet is to find a donor in your close family.
No pill will ever come close to that.



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