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Re: Help with Diabetes Parasites by Zbackman ..... Hulda Clark Support Forum

Date:   1/10/2017 3:25:27 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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OK. I am an antique hippie and tried everything under the sun, but also am a brain scientist. I've had Lyme's for likely 60 years and it climbed up on me a couple of times, but I never made the connection, went to sleep for a few months and recovered. Until this spring.

OK, so I don't turn this into a novel, let me be short simple and clear. LOL fat chance. This will be a long post, but short for me. ;-)

First, Stop Juicing. Eat real food and minimal amount of fruit. When you eat fruit eat tart fruit (low Glycemic).

Stop enemas: I know coffee up your butt how delicious, but I read way too much and have some very odd scientific friends who do hide under the bed because yes Corp and FDA are hunting, but they do some private stuff. The great promise of enemas is generally myth, unless you have been constipated for years and even then, more rough mixed salad, water and vitamin C is a far better solution. Your colon will clean itself naturally.

So, juicing actually along with drinking fruit juice will actually drag minerals out of your body! (number of studies of babies and children in Japan found this). Enemas just do not provide any benefit unless you have taken something really toxic and even then better to high dose Vit C (up to bowel saturation i.e. diarrhea, which will dramatically fluctuate depending on how sick you are.)

Diabetes: Go find the Mayo Clinic Diet from like 1923 for Diabetes (this is before insulin). Short and simple, fat, fatty meat, cream, butter, stay away from wheat, grains, potatoes, pasta and pizza. lala.

It is basically a HFLC or LCHF all depending on whether you lead with High Fat, Low Carb. The is likely the best and deepest sight on this.

Spooky2: Hope you have two generators. Start with a detox (11 day), then scan and do a kill while second generator is healing and clearing. I also recommend everyone use 4-Star Brand Ginseng Extract (small 1 oz ampules) this clears out toxins and poisons faster than anything. Russians made a lethal dose of strychnine and injected 100 rats with ginseng then 200 rats with lethal dose of strychnine. Over 98% of ginseng rats lived. Yes, all the others died, hence the words lethal dose.

Since you are this sick, find someone who does High Dose Vitamin C IVs. Start out near 40 g per liter with calcium gluconate (makes sure your heart does not lock up from calcium ion depletion which usually only happens above 60 g See: Cathcart) I would add B-complex.

Here is what I think works best: (apologies about formatting)

1,000 ML Saline solution IV

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate 20% (magnesium) 2-5 mL

Calcium Gluconate 10% calcium 1-3 mL

Hydroxocobalimin 1,000 mcg/1 ml (B-12) 1 mL

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 100 mg/1mL (B-6) 1 mL

Dexpanthenol (pantothenic acid) 250 mg/1mL (B-5) 1 mL

B-complex (100 mg thiamine, 100 mg niacinamide,
2 mg riboflavin, 2 mg dexpanthenol, 2 mg pyridoxine) 1 mL

Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) 40 g/L 40 g/L

I would do high dose Vitamin C for 5-6 days and see how you feel. Find a good orthomolecular to do this, but do not go with the standard once a week or two weeks.

These things wrong with you are a combination of things, but chief are parasites that bore in and they need to be placed in a hostile environment. Taking Ginseng extract before you do the IV will dramatically help with the die off (Herxheimer reaction, short Herxs)

During die off you are going to release ammonia.
Spooky2 has a program for that. Look in database for Ammonia, Remove.

I use only the white remotes and I do fingernail, with blood in a cigarette paper with a bunch of my (your) spit on it.

Take the time to learn how to set up things to run one after the other for more than a month. Change the cigarette papers every 3 to 4 days (really not necessary, but there is some research that shows the intense magnets are altering the samples in the remotes, so bit of finger nail, a bit of fresh blood, and some spit seems like a small price, do not need to stop machines, just pull old out, slide new in).

Do some relaxation videos, I have worked as a hypnotherapist-psychotherapist and seen people with insanely great diets think themselves sick while others lived nearly always on junk food, were relaxed and never worried and were fine. I am slowly coming to believe that 80%+ illness is psychosomatic and the other 20% probably gets in that way.

Here are two videos I like

Remember, food goes in your mouth and comes out the other end. Nature is fairly good at taking care of itself. juicing is removing fiber too often, same as refined foods. BTW they have found that Whole Wheat bread/pasta has a glycemic spike just like white bread/pasta because the fibers are so short from grinding they are virtually not stopping anything and break down just like a refined starch.

Diet: Meats (beef & pork) with fat on it (BTW odd fact MacDonald's hamburgers are 100% grass fed, humane kill beef, so when stuck out buy a few of these, eat the patty and throw the bun and avoid everything else in the place. Most places in the US 3 hamburgers at MacDonaldís is $2.89 USD), fish (especially dark oily small ones like sardines, mackerel etc.), chicken, duck, eggs, cream, butter, full fat yogurt (when you get yogurt, take your probiotics like acidphillius and bifida and mix them in and then let sit for a day or so).

Also make your own fermented vegetables. Simply cut up Cabbage, Purple cabbage, green onions, crushed garlic, parsley, peppers (red, green, yellow, broccoli etc. put in a large deep pan, crushing as you go and adding some salt. bit of Ascorbic Acid powder, some Apple Cider Vinegar, and then clean water until covered. Let sit out covered (need a top that holds everything under the liquid, but not "sealed") Books say 3-4 days, but I find 7-14 works even better. Then store.

You do not need to eat probiotics every day. You might want to eat quite a bit at the beginning, but after once or twice a week is all you need to keep a healthy gut.

In this order of importance:
Healthy Gut Flora
Real Food Diet
High levels of Vitamin C
Relaxed mind
Basic multi-vitamin with minerals (just to make sure)
Go for a walk after every meal and with a person better, so you walk and talk.
Anyone who want to write me off list feel free.


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