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Re: Fecal/urine/fart odor by teazertodd44 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   1/31/2017 11:32:03 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hi Fedup! I do not see digestive enzymes on that list? Also, when you discuss so many of the symptoms to included disease like candida with symptoms of groin rash, coated tounge, odor, of the problems always is with an excellent anti-fungal diet like Phase One, people kill the fungus/yeast yet forget to eliminate what can actually be far worse, their mycotoxins. Now....if you have cats...look into toxoplasmosis. So, if you are not familiar with mycotoxins they do everything from maniplulating DNA and hormones to being major carcinogenic and genotoxic. They kill as well. Interstingly will find anti-biotics derived from these fungal metabolites. Sure, they kill the bacteria but allow for fungus to overgrow of which one of hundreds of pathogenic is candida. These mycotoxins are not eliminated by simple anti-fungal diet or anti-fungal drugs like the excellent diflucan and others. Again...they kill the fungus/cancer but the gas/solid/liquid form mycotoxins are left to gain environment for yeast/fungus to grow once again. This is one reason I believe you found Wormwood effective. Massive doses of vitamins C and others, as well as Heavy zinc and other minerals help eliminate those mycotoxins. I would consider good doses of digestive enzymes, fatty acids (saturated fats-choleserol) and a anti-fungal/anti-mycotoxin intake and see what happens. Blessings, T.

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